Why update your membership list?

Each household that contains a congregation member can receive a copy of UU World as part of that congregation's Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) membership. In order for new members to receive the magazine, the congregation is responsible for updating its membership list on a regular basis.

The list includes all members of your congregation, even those who have requested not to get UU World or for whom we don't have a valid mailing address. If you see the note "Undeliverable Address" next to an entry, please let us know a new address for this household, so they can receive their copy of the magazine. This notation usually means that mailings to this address have been returned to the UUA as undeliverable

Ideally, each congregation should review and update member names and addresses on a quarterly basis so that new members can receive UU World (published twice yearly in spring and fall) as soon as possible. If you send changes via email or postal mail, please be aware that it may take up to six weeks to process your membership changes. If you submit membership list changes using our my.UUA.org system, the changes will be applied instantly.

To see the quarterly "data deadlines" when you'll need to submit membership changes in time for each mailing, please refer to the "What's New" box at the top of the Data Services home page.