any update on search toggle to active not working?

By gottagoglo
February 28, 2020, 8:31 am EST

I am implementing a new instance of the UUA theme for another congregation. The search form toggle on the home page does not work. It works on my UU church's website using this same theme, but cannot figure out how to get it working in this new instance. I see in the forum that this was flagged as a known bug back in 2015. Has anyone been able to fix it? What can be done? I really need to get the search function working properly. Thanks!

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Kevin Vess wrote:

You need to add the class "search-toggle" to your menu item for it to trigger the search bar at the top.

Check out the instructions on this documentation page about setting up the utility menu:

Click Screen Options in the very top righthand corner, check the “CSS Classes” checkbox, and click Screen Options again.

gottagoglo replied:

Perfect. Thank you! I had gone over those instructions a number of times but missed the CSS Classes checkbox. My layout screen is slightly different and it took a while to figure out where that box was hiding. Appreciate your assistance!