Resolution of Policy Issues


If a comment breaks UUA commenting policy , the comment may be deleted.

Removal of Comments

When a moderator deletes a comment from, the commenter will receive a notification. Comments are deleted for one of the following reasons:

  • The comment appears to violate our posted commenting policies.
  • The comment is duplicative.


Every page that includes comments has a UUA staff or volunteer moderator. In the event of a dispute, the moderator will follow a procedure for conflict resolution (LINK to /web/policy/resolution/commenting). Steps may include contacting the poster with the reason that the comment is a problem and a proposed solution (clarification, apology, or deleting the comment, for example), deleting comments, or cancelling accounts.

UUA Elections

The UUA Board of Trustees has establishedrules for UUA elections that affect online services.Any issues arising from the implementation of these policies should be referred to the Election Campaign Practices Committee.