MFC Requirements for Preliminary and Full Fellowship

Once ministers are granted Preliminary Fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC), they continue their journey towards Full Fellowship by meeting the MFC's credentialing requirements outlined in the Rules and Policies of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee. The Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group provides support to the MFC and can also offer guidance on preparation and materials required for the renewal process, waiver requests, changes in fellowship status, appropriate forms and deadlines for renewal applications.

Below are links to frequently requested information.

Ministerial Fellowship Resources

  • MFC Rules and Policies
    The most current versions of Rules and Policies that govern all ministers in fellowship and those seeking fellowship.
  • Renewal Process for Ministers in Preliminary Fellowship
    In order to advance into Full Fellowship, all Ministers in Preliminary Fellowship are required to submit three successful renewal applications to the MFC. The MFC reviews and evaluates renewals three times a year and ministers have the opportunity to submit their renewal applications for consideration by one of the three allocated deadlines.
  • MFC Application for Renewal of Fellowship Forms
    Information for ministers in preliminary fellowship including all MFC approved forms for applications for renewal of fellowship.
  • MFC Rules and Policies Waiver Request Form
    Ministers or candidates for ministry who wish to waive a rule or policy of the MFC must submit a Waiver Request on the approved form.
  • Community Ministers: Guide to Affiliation with Congregations
    The Society for Community Ministers, Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA) and the Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group created this handbook to aid congregations and parish and community ministers in the affiliation process (a requirement of Preliminary Fellowship for all community ministers).
  • Ministerial Fellowship Committee