Religious Professionals Made a Difference

By Bart Frost


Hello Friends,

My name is Kirbey Geissler and I’m writing to tell you about my experience with Unitarian Universalism (UU), specifically Summer Seminary.

Summer Seminary is a week-long introduction to what being a religious professional could look like for a group of 15-20 youth. Though the focus is on ministry, the youth are also exposed to other religious professional opportunities, such as religious education, music, and more.

I attended Summer Seminary this past summer of 2015. A year or so prior, I had been contacted by Rev. Tandi Rogers, a minister and religious professional from my district, who told me she saw something in me and thought I should apply. I didn’t meet the deadline for the previous year and found myself eager for the next chance. January of 2015 I got an email from another respected religious professional, Jennica Davis-Hockett, reminding me of my Call and asking me to apply.

Though I am very passionate about ministry and my UU faith, having two very respected and accomplished religious professionals I knew go out of their way to say they wanted me to experience this was very important. I can’t tell you if or if not I would have applied had I not received that support, but it made all the difference in that final push to apply.

The application deadline for the Unitarian Universalist Association Summer Seminary 2016 is February 1. Don't miss it – apply here!

I’m so glad I had religious professionals believe in me and encourage me to do this opportunity. Religious professionals like you are what help inspire the confidence youth and young adults need to explore these opportunities. These opportunities can seem unreachable without the support of people we trust and look up to.

I ask you to realize how important Summer Seminary is as an opportunity, but also how important you are as a religious professional. Please reach out to a young person in your congregation and life to encourage and support their application to programs like Summer Seminary and other youth leadership events.

Thank you for your time, Kirbey Geissler Summer Seminary Ambassador Download and share this PDF of Kirbey's endorsement.