Past Sermon Contest Winners

The following documents are in PDF format.

2016: "Whatever Works"
by The Rev. Rod Richards

2015: "Sex, Religion, Abortion, and Justice"
by The Rev. Rob Keithan

2014: "Body & Soul"
by The Rev. Amy Carol Webb

2013: "Reproductive Justice: The Issue that Will Not Go Away"
by Roger Howe

2012: "Define American"
by The Reverend Barbara Prose

2011: "Mindful Eating"
by Melody Moberg

2009: "What Can’t You Eat?"
by The Reverend Alison Cornish

2008: "Reflections of a Unitarian Universalist Pacifist"
by The Reverend Daniel S. Schatz

2007: "Standing at the Precipice"
by The Reverend Dawn Cooley

2006: "Moral, Schmoral"
by The Reverend Rod Richards

2005: "Now that Martha Stewart Has Finished Serving Her Time, Are We Any Safer?"
by The Reverend Roger Fritts

2004: "Remember My Chains"
by The Reverend Victoria Weinstein

2003: "We are the Boat, We are the Sea: Interdependence and Economic Anti-Calvinism"
by The Reverend David Herndon

2002: "The Long Reach: Some Thoughts on Globalization"
by Alison Cornish