Worship Resources for Accessibility & Equal Access

Let us worship with our eyes and ears and fingertips;
Let us love the world through heart and mind and body...
Let us worship with the opening of all the windows of our beings, with the full outstretching of our spirits...
Let us worship, and let us learn to love.
—Reading 437, Kenneth L. Patton

An Asian woman sits in a pink wheelchair outdoors, perhaps in front of a body of water. She is wearing an ivory sweater and a pearl necklace.

As more Unitarian Universalists learn to understand the intersecting and interlocking oppressions that harm us all, we're also developing a more nuanced understanding of ableism. The Worth and Dignity of All Bodies collection one way to further that learning within our spiritual and religious values.

The WorshipWeb Words for Worship also includes several selections that are "tagged" with the spiritual theme of disability.