2008 - 2009 Meeting Summaries

March 2009 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in Boston to review feedback on the proposed Article II revision and to advance its planning for General Assembly (GA) 2009. The Commission made plans for an open discussion session at GA prior to the vote on whether to study the proposed revision for the following year.

January 2009 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in Boston to discuss the reception of its proposal by the UUA Board. The Commission also discussed plans for its work at GA and its work leading up to GA in order to ensure that UUs are as informed as possible about the current proposal and the procedures for moving forward with it.

October 2008: The Commission met in Boston to consider the feedback from the online and paper surveys of its draft on Article II. It began creating a second draft, which will be submitted along with a report to the Board for its January meeting. The Commission also discussed possibilities for its work on the Article II project between January and GA.

August 2008 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met at a retreat center in Arizona to discuss and interpret all of the input that it has received on Article II so far. Based on this, the Commission created a draft of the changes that it will propose to Article II at the 2009 General Assembly in Salt Lake City, UT. A copy of this draft, along with an online survey opportunity to give thoughts on it, can be found here.

June 2008 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met briefly during the UUA General Assembly in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on June 27th and 28th. The meeting took stock of the input received at GA 2008 and was used to make plans for maximizing openness moving forward with the final stages of our work on the Article II project.

March 2008 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in Chicago from March 27th - 30th in Chicago, IL. The Commission discussed issues of publicity and message in regards to the Article II project, considering how to best communicate the workings of the process to the UU community. The Commission considered further proposed changes to Article II and charted a path forward for crafting its ultimate recommendations to the UUA Board. Lastly, the Commission made decisions on the types and timing of reports and documents it will issue in conjunction with the Article II project.

January 2008 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in Boston from January 24-27th, 2008. At the meeting the Commission received the reports of two working groups which had been formed to study potential and suggested changes to Article II. The Commission considered several more rounds of "macro questions" relating to the general direction of the Article II project and also decided that due to lack of funding the Symposium as planned would not be possible.