2006 - 2007 Meeting Summaries

October 2007 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in Boston on October 18-21, 2007. The meeting was devoted largely to studying and dicussing "macro questions" that will frame the way the commission approaches its work on Article II. The commission also decided to break into working groups to study proposals and suggestions for Article II, coming out of the work of the Commission and the input of the congregations.

June 2007 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met briefly at General Assembly (GA) in Portland Oregon, June 2007. The main purpose of this meeting was to bid departing members a warm thank-you for their work and presence and to welcome new members on to the commission. Some logistics were also discussed concerning the transition of responsibilities from old to new members and other matters for the continuing project.  

January 2007 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met in San Diego, CA on January 18-21, 2007. Work groups established at the October meeting reported on their work to date. A number of outside written sources and some interviews conducted by Commissioners were examined and discusses, as were reflection papers by Commissioners about the process of the Article II review. A well-attended hearing was held at the First Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church of San Diego on Saturday morning. Plans for meetings and interviews at the April meeting in Denver at at the Portland GA were discussed. The three senior Commissioners met as a nominating committee to discuss recommendations for officer positions beginning at the conclusion of General Assembly (GA).

October 2006 Full Minutes (PDF): On October 19-22, 2006 the Commission met at All Souls' Church in Washington DC. We spent some time in deeper analysis of the data collected at our St. Louis GA hearing, as well as discussion of responses solicited from selected members of the UUA staff regarding the role of the Principles & Purposes in their work on behalf of the Association. A public hearing was held, but was not well attended. The major task was work on a congregational reflection process, which will be published and distributed to all UUA congregations for their use in early 2007.

June 2006: The Commission had a busy General Assembly at St. Louis on June 21-25. The "Annual Reports" book distributed to delegates includes a written report from the Commission (PDF). We also made a plenary report (PDF) during the Thursday plenary session. Our well-attended workshop on Saturday afternoon introduced the subject of the Commission's review of Article II of the UUA Bylaws and invited attendees to participate in an Appreciative Inquiry process in which people paired up and interviewed each other about their feelings concerning the Principles.

April 2006 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met at First UU Church of Columbus on April 20-23, 2006. This meeting was held jointly with the Ohio-Meadville District Annual Meeting. The first hearing on the Article II review was held at this meeting, and was well attended. While in Columbus the Commission took advantage of the opportunity to meet with Ohio State sociology professor Dr. Korie Edwards concerning her research on racial integration in religious organizations. The Commission welcomed its newest member, Jacqui C. Williams, who replaced Arthur Morrison. Commission chair Jim Casebolt participate in a minister's roundtable on "The Unity Underlying Our Theological Diversity," in response to the Commission's last report. Commissioners also discussed how to handle unsolicited communications regarding the Article II review and worked on planning for General Assembly. 

Commission members James Casebolt and Orlanda Brugnola participated in a "synchronization meeting" organized by UUA Moderator Gini Courter. The meeting was held in Orlando, FL on February 3-5 and was attended by UUA President Bill Sinkford and by representatives of the UUA Board, Commission on Social Witness, and Nominating Committee. Among other business, the Commissioners were able to address the issue of replacing the member of the Commission who resigned in January.

January 2006 Full Minutes (PDF): The Commission met at the First Unitarian Church of Orlando, FL on January 19-22, 2006. A public hearing was held on Saturday afternoon, and 24 members of Florida District churches attended. More detailed minutes will be added soon. Commissioner Arthur Morrison announced that he will not be able to complete his term for personal and professional reasons. According to the UUA's Bylaws, a replacement to serve through the next election (GA 2007 in Portland) will be recommended by the Committee on Committees (with input from the Commission about qualifications) and appointed by the UUA Board.