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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Joy.

  • Harnessing Grief

    Maria J. Kefalas

    From Beacon Press

    The inspiring story of a mother who took unimaginable tragedy and used her grief as a force to do good by transforming the lives of others...

  • Open to Joy

    Elea Kemler

    From Braver/Wiser
    There is still and always joy in this world, but it usually comes right alongside the struggle.
  • Music Arises

    Arlen Goff

    From WorshipWeb
    music arises from depths unknown often without words but never without meaning and spirit rises from deep within me seducing my body to join the song fi...
  • The Book of Delights

    A spirited collection of short lyric essays reminding us of the purpose and pleasure of praising, extolling, and celebrating ordinary wonders.

  • Pleasure Is the Point

    Adrienne Maree Brown

    From WorshipWeb
    Pleasure reminds us to enjoy being alive and on purpose... Pleasure—embodied, connected pleasure—is one of the way we know when we are free. That we...
  • Love what you love
    From UU World Magazine
    We can be cheerleaders for people’s simple joys—even if we don’t share them.
  • A Spacious Welcome

    Shari Woodbury

    From WorshipWeb
    This opening was written for two voices, as indicated below. 1: Welcome, who come in friendship who long for genuine community......
  • Love What You Love

    Erika A. Hewitt

    From Braver/Wiser
    We can be cheerleaders for joy, and compassionate about the fact that we’re all just trying to survive.
  • Exploring Who We Are

    Melanie Davis

    From WorshipWeb
    Under the right circumstances, playing with fire is a delight—imagine being gathered round a firepit as the crackling flames invite us to sing, dance,...
  • Blessing of the Easter Baskets

    Lucas Hergert

    From WorshipWeb
    Let us imagine for a moment that our lives are like the baskets that our children will use after the service to collect colorful eggs and candy....