Faith Development Webinars

The UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement office hosts webinars to introduce and support new programs and initiatives and to address topics requested by UU religious professionals and lay leaders.

Our Whole Lives during Covid 19

The UUA and the United Church of Christ began a monthly roundtable webinar in spring 2020 to help facilitators pivot into the challenges of the pandemic, and, when it is safe, to re-start OWL programs that were interrupted. Monthly webinars continue, now focusing on special topics. Find out more.

Archived Webinars

Naming Race

The Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen of UUA staff leads a conversation among Unitarian Universalist religious educators M. Jamil Scott, Lauren Wyeth, Kirsten Hunter, and Sheila Schuh. Recorded in February, 2016. Watch/hear this recording, or read the transcript (Word).

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Four Kinds of Fun

Gail Forsyth-Vail and Pat Kahn introduce "gamification" (video game) pedagogy and coach participants to infuse different kinds of learning fun into religious education.