Faith Development Webinars

The UUA Lifespan Faith Engagement office hosts webinars to introduce and support new programs and initiatives and to address topics requested by UU religious professionals and lay leaders.

Our Whole Lives during Covid 19

The UUA and the United Church of Christ began a monthly roundtable webinar in spring 2020 to help facilitators pivot into the challenges of the pandemic, and, when it is safe, to re-start OWL programs that were interrupted. Monthly webinars continue, now focusing on special topics. Find out more.

Archived Webinars

  • December 2019: Orientation to Our Whole Lives for Older Adults -- for Facilitators
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    Melanie Davis, UUA Our Whole Lives Program Manager, introduces the new curriculum, “Our Whole Lives for Older Adults.” This recorded webinar is required for OWL Adult facilitators who wish their certification to include this new program geared toward adults 60+ and people who are family and caregivers to older adults. The recorded webinar contains five “clues” that together form a quotation. Facilitators must note the clues and email them to AND to demonstrate that they have attended this webinar.
  • November 2019: All Things OWL -- for Directors of Religious Education
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    Join Melanie Davis, UUA Our Whole Lives Program Manager, for a 90-minute webinar for UU religious educators, recorded on Nov. 19, 2019. Learn about: Our Whole Lives (OWL) revisions in progress; an opportunity to field test a new OWL for K-1 program; tips for implementing the new OWL for Older Adults; new UUA safety guidelines; and, the free, downloadable Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators small group ministry curricula. Other topics covered include answers to questions submitted in advance related to OWL program scheduling; parent orientation; implementation; facilitator selection, oversight and training; and generally challenging situations.
  • October 2019: OWL Community Guidelines and Implementation Tips
    If you facilitate or supervise any level of Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education, this is the webinar for you! National OWL staff for the UUA and UCC provide information on policies and recommended practices that will help support your efforts and enhance your program. (57 minutes)​
  • September 2018: Informational Webinar -- Pilot Program for Dismantling White Supremacy in RE
    The UUA seeks faith development professionals to pilot a structured process that will support them to lead their Unitarian Universalist communities to dismantle white supremacy in religious education programming. Requested by UU religious educators and developed in the UUA Faith Development Office over the past year, the program provides an assessment tool and facilitated peer support during implementation. The pilot will start in November, 2018 and end in June, 2019. Faith development professionals working in congregations of any size, staff configuration, geographic location, and level of anti-racism experience are invited to apply online by October 26Before you apply, view the informational webinar.

Naming Race

The Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen of UUA staff leads a conversation among Unitarian Universalist religious educators M. Jamil Scott, Lauren Wyeth, Kirsten Hunter, and Sheila Schuh. Recorded in February, 2016. Watch/hear this recording, or read the transcript.

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Four Kinds of Fun

Gail Forsyth-Vail and Pat Kahn introduce "gamification" (video game) pedagogy and coach participants to infuse different kinds of learning fun into religious education.