The inSpirit Series

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Every spring, Skinner House Books proudly publishes a new collection of inspirational reflections from a leading Unitarian Universalist writer. Comprising the inSpirit series, these thin, elegant volumes of poetry, prose, and/or prayers provide Unitarian Universalists and others with fresh readings to use in worship and for personal contemplation.

The series continues a tradition dating back more than 170 years, when the Unitarians and Universalists began publishing prayer collections. At one time the books were called Lenten Manuals and Advent manuals, then later Meditation Manuals when the two denominations consolidated in 1961. The series name changed again in 2015, while the tradition lives on. The many rich meanings of the word inSpirit—including to hearten, to enliven, to bestow with strength or purpose, to fill with spirit—reflect the many ways these books tend to us and our faith lives.

Each author in the series brings to it their own distinctive style. Whether formal or chatty, whimsical or weighty, their words always help us explore ways to live, worship, question, learn, grow, and deepen in spirit. They offer a gentle invitation into a Unitarian Universalist way of moving through the world and growing our souls.

Authors are selected from among the vast array of worship leaders across our faith. Skinner House issues a call for submissions in the fall, with information on how and when to send proposals for consideration. For updates, follow Skinner House on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Complete List of Titles in the inSpirit Series Dating back to 1961

  • 2020 Breaking and Blessing by Sean Parker Dennison
  • 2019 Spilling the Light: Meditations on Hope and Resilience by Theresa I. Soto
  • 2018 Love Like Thunder by Jess Reynolds
  • 2017 To Wake, To Rise: Meditations on Justice and Resilience, William G. Sinkford, Editor
  • 2016 Love Beyond God, Adam Lawrence Dyer
  • 2015 Miles of Dream, Vanessa Ruth Southern
  • 2014 A Long Time Blooming, Marta I. Valentín
  • 2013 Falling Into the Sky, Abhi Janamanchi and Abhimanyu Janamanchi, Editors
  • 2012 Reaching for the Sun, Angela Herrera
  • Voices from the Margins, Jacqui James and Mark Morrison-Reed, Editors
  • 2011 Shine and Shadow, Kathleen McTigue
  • 2010 Stone Blessings, Robert Walsh
  • 2009 With or Without Candlelight, Victoria Safford, Editor
  • 2008 Sonata for Voice and Silence, Mark Belletini
  • 2007 Amethyst Beach, Barbara Merritt
  • 2006 A Guest of the World, Jeffrey Lockwood
  • 2005 For All That Is Our Life, Helen and Eugene Pickett, Editors
  • Admire the Moon, Mary Wellemeyer
  • 2004 We Build Temples in the Heart, Patrick Murfin
  • Consider the Lilies, Stephen M. Shick
  • 2003 Walking Toward Morning, Victoria Safford
  • How We Are Called, Mary Benard and Kirstie Anderson, Editors
  • 2002 Instructions in Joy, Nancy Shaffer
  • Roller-skating as a Spiritual Discipline, Christopher Buice
  • 2001 This Piece of Eden, Vanessa Rush Southern
  • Dancing in the Empty Spaces, David O. Rankin
  • 2000 Glad to Be Human, Kaaren Anderson
  • Out of the Ordinary, Gordon B. McKeeman
  • 1999 The Rock of Ages at the Taj Mahal, Meg Barnhouse
  • Morning Watch, Barbara Pescan
  • 1998 Glory, Hallelujah! Now Please Pick Up Your Socks, Jane Ellen Mauldin
  • Evening Tide, Elizabeth Tarbox
  • 1997 A Temporary State of Grace, David S. Blanchard
  • Green Mountain Spring and Other Leaps of Faith, Gary A. Kowalski
  • 1996 Taking Pictures of God, Bruce T. Marshall
  • Blessing the Bread, Lynn Ungar
  • 1995 In the Holy Quiet of This Hour, Richard S. Gilbert
  • 1994 In the Simple Morning Light, Barbara Rohde
  • 1993 Life Tides, Elizabeth Tarbox
  • The Gospel of Universalism, Tom Owen-Towle
  • 1992 Noisy Stones, Robert Walsh
  • 1991 Been in the Storm So Long, Mark Morrison-Reed and Jacqui James, Editors
  • 1990 Into the Wilderness, Sara Moores Campbell
  • 1989 A Small Heaven, Jane Ranney Rzepka
  • 1988 The Numbering of Our Days, Anthony Friess Perrino
  • 1987 Exaltation, David B. Parke, Editor
  • 1986 Quest, Kathy Fuson Hurt
  • 1985 The Gift of the Ordinary, Charles S. Stephen, Jr., Editor
  • 1984 To Meet the Asking Years, Gordon B. McKeeman, Editor
  • 1983 Tree and Jubilee, Greta W. Crosby
  • 1981 Outstretched Wings of the Spirit, Donald S. Harrington
  • 1980 Longing of the Heart, Paul N. Carnes
  • 1979 Portraits from the Cross, David Rankin
  • 1978 Songs of Simple Thanksgiving, Kenneth L. Patton
  • 1977 Promise of Spring, Clinton Lee Scott
  • 1976 The Strangeness of This Business, Clarke D. Wells
  • 1975 In Unbroken Line, Chris Raible, Editor
  • 1974 Stopping Places, Mary Lou Thompson
  • 1973 The Tides of Spring Charles W. Grady
  • 1972 73 Voices Chris Raible and Ed Darling, Editors
  • 1971 Bhakti, Santi, Love, Peace Jacob Trapp
  • 1970 Beginning Now, J. Donald Johnston
  • 1969 Answers in the Wind, Charles W. McGehee
  • 1968 The Trying Out, Richard Kellaway
  • 1967 Moments of a Springtime, Rudolf W. Nemser
  • 1966 Across the Abyss, Walter D. Kring
  • 1965 The Sound of Silence, Raymond Baughan
  • 1964 Impassioned Clay, Ralph Helverson
  • 1963 Seasons of the Soul, Robert T. Weston
  • 1962 The Uncarven Image, Phillip Hewett
  • 1961 Parts and Proportions, Arthur Graham

Breaking and Blessing Meditations

By Sean Parker Dennison
From Skinner House Books

In the 2020 volume of the inSpirit Series, Rev. Sean Parker Dennison imagines letters from angels, draws on the natural world, and reflects on love and calling.

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Spilling the Light Meditations on Hope and Resilience

By Theresa I. Soto

At once deeply compassionate and spiritually empowering, this volume of the inSpirit Series by Rev. Theresa I. Soto tends to our souls and emboldens us to become our truest selves.

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Love Like Thunder

By Jess Reynolds
From Skinner House Books

In the 2018 volume of the inSpirit Series a vibrant new poetic voice invites us into an intimate relationship with nature, God, and love itself.

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To Wake, To Rise Meditations on Justice and Resilience

By William G. Sinkford
From Skinner House Books

The 2017 edition of the UUA InSpirit series is an anthology of 29 poems, prayers, and reflections about resisting oppression and keeping the faith in social action work.

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