The inSpirit Series Is Evolving Again

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The inSpirit Series Is Evolving

The inSpirit Series, now renamed the inSpirit Poetry Series, is a continuation and evolution of a long tradition dating back more than a century to the prayer collections published by the Unitarian and Universalist denominations. At one time, these books were called Lenten Manuals and Advent Manuals, then later Meditation Manuals when the two denominations consolidated in 1961. The series name changed again in 2015, while the tradition lives on. The many rich meanings of the word inSpirit—including to hearten, to enliven, to bestow with strength or purpose, to fill with spirit—reflect the many ways these books tend to us and our faith lives.

At least once a year for decades, Skinner House Books proudly published a new collection of inspirational reflections from a leading Unitarian Universalist writer. Comprising the inSpirit Series, these thin, elegant volumes of poetry, prose, and/or prayers provided Unitarian Universalists and others with fresh readings to use in worship and for personal contemplation.

In 2023, the inSpirit Series is changing again in the following ways:

  • With appreciation for the excellent collection of Unitarian Universalist reflection and worship now available from the UUA's WorshipWeb and in recognition of the feedback we have received about the particular impact and importance of spiritual poetry, not only for Unitarian Universalists but for spiritual people of all traditions and none, the inSpirit series will now focus entirely on poetry.
  • We are expanding our circle of welcome to poets of all traditions and none.
  • Finally, submissions are invited throughout the year rather than in one designated time frame, and books in the inSpirit Poetry Series will no longer be released annually but rather as high-quality manuscripts to be published as they become ready.

Submission Guidelines

Ideal inSpirit Poetry Series submissions will address themes that are resonant to Unitarian Universalists and others who share a liberal approach to matters of faith, will be openly grounded in the poet's identities and social location, and will be suitable for both public worship and private reflection. To submit your work for the inSpirit series, please send at least 20 poems to Kiana Nwaobia,, with a cover letter describing the themes of your work, your intended audience, and any previous publishing history.