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Immigration Reform Media Kit
Immigration Reform Media Kit

What is the UUA’s Position on Immigration Reform?

For decades, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has advocated for reform of United States immigration laws based on two guiding principles:

  1. All people—without regard to immigration status—deserve access to fair wages, education, housing, healthcare, and other social services.
  2. Immigrants are at high risk for being denied basic rights and services and thus warrant our special support.

These principles have been reaffirmed in dozens of General Assembly resolutions, which are formulated and voted on by all Unitarian Universalist member congregations.

Why do Unitarian Universalists work for Immigration Reform?

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of working for justice in our communities and in the world. Guided by our Seven Principles, Unitarian Universalists are called to alleviate the suffering caused by misdirected individual and political actions that harm human beings who immigrate. 

Since 1963, when our General Assembly recognized that America’s outdated immigration system “contradicts the founding principles of the nation and is at variance with national needs and international responsibilities,” Unitarian Universalists have supported compassionate immigration reform. Read all of our social justice statements pertaining to immigration, migratory workers, and foreign nationals, 1961-2008.

What are Unitarian Universalists Currently Doing to Support Immigration Reform?

In 2010, Unitarian Universalists voted to spend four years learning more about and taking action on Immigration as a Moral Issue. One outcome of this was a decision to transform our 2012 General Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona into a Justice General Assembly. As a denomination, we focused on immigration issues and the event culminated in a powerful public witness vigil held outside Phoenix’s notorious Tent City Jail.

Unitarian Universalists committed to take this advocacy work home from Phoenix to their own communities. The UUA supports these efforts with information, resources, and opportunities for activism to further immigration reform. 

The UUA’s Standing on the Side of Love campaign extends this work in their campaign called Road from Phoenix: Compassionate Immigration Reform. Through education, demonstration, and making individual connections, Unitarian Universalists stand with immigrant families.       


If you are a member of the press and would like to speak with a UUA staff person about our work in this area, please contact:

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