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  • Honoring the Relational
    From WorshipWeb
    Speaking from the heart can turn an ordinary meeting into a rewarding one.
  • Our Work Has Just Begun
    From WorshipWeb
    The work of radical inclusion; of collective liberation.
  • We Gather in a Sacred Space
    From WorshipWeb
    We gather to honor our covenant and engage in congregational life.
  • Chalice Lighting for Businessy Meetings
    From WorshipWeb
    Can we find space for lifting our heads in wonder—that we’re still striving, still trying together

  • To Bear Love into This World
    From WorshipWeb
    We tend the spark of imagination and hope for the world to come.
  • Work in Commitment and Love
    From WorshipWeb
    As we light this chalice [this evening], may it serve to give us clarity of purpose and illumine our way as we set about doing the work of this...
  • Communities of Memory and Promise
    From WorshipWeb
    Our communities of memory and promise are founded upon covenants because we all need a defense against the impulse of immediate feelings that challenge ...
  • This Is the Hour
    From WorshipWeb
    This is the hour. The time has come. Mindful of our responsibilities as leaders of this faith and guardians of the living tradition, we call upon that...
  • In Our Circle Again
    From WorshipWeb
    Here we are in our circle again. A circle of vision and reflection, A forum for deciding and empowering....
  • Reflections after Thrive Young Adult
    From Future of Faith
    Kaitlin Dey, Thrive Young Adult alumni 2016 and 2017, shared this reflection at her congregation last Sunday. I spent the last 10 days in New Orleans. I...