Our Work Has Just Begun

Please take a moment to become present; to pause and to notice how you are in this moment.

Our work here tonight* is at an end
And our work has just begun:
The work of holding one another and this community in love.
The work of trusting that we are on the right path.
The work of believing that what connects us is stronger than what separates us.
The work of engaging in that which makes us whole.
The work of deeper understanding and commitment.
The work of letting go of that which does not serve us.
The work of radical inclusion.
The work of collective liberation.
The work of this beloved community.
A beloved community of which we are all part.
A place where we are welcomed, respected, valued, cherished.
A place where we belong.
Go in peace. Amen. And blessed be.

*This can be adjusted to whatever time best suits your needs.