In Our Circle Again

A large number of people are in silhouette against the blaze of a bonfire

Here we are
in our circle again.
A circle of vision
and reflection,
A forum for deciding
and empowering.

Here we are
at the base of another bridge,
another space spanning
the shores of today and tomorrow.
Beckoning us to cross the chasm,
one day at a time.

Here we are
gathered again at the cusp
of the future,
at the boundary
that holds community together.

We are here,
in a circle of love and trust,
brought to this moment
by a series of choices and promises…
by hope and gratitude…
by our own shadows, faced
and befriended.

With a servant’s heart,
with a leader’s listening,
with a parent’s love, truer
than all our inner trembling,
let us model the health we seek for all
and lean into community.

Somewhere out there,
all we dream is possible.
Somewhere in here,
we are sowing the seeds.