Chalice Lighting for Businessy Meetings

Amidst the paperwork and preparation—
Amidst the emails and emotions—
Amidst the getting it done and the pressure of time—
Can we find a little space for lifting our heads in wonder—
that we’re still here
still striving
still trying

Can we find—hearts accepting all the complexity—
space for falling a little bit in love with this faith
—with its tenacity

its capacity
even its audacity

space to hold what we still believe is possible
without hiding it behind disclaimers
that attempt to shield our hope from cynical critique

Can we enter this workspace
with a felt sense of our deepest values
and the ways we can liberate them to humanize

the processes and forms
of our decisions and actions,
our structures and governance?

We light our chalice in hope that we center love and relationship,
creativity and community as we meet
In hope that we can invite into our own hearts
and into this space between us
so much obvious respect and spacious grace that
—no matter what happens here—

we emerge connected.