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  • We Carry The Flame

    Douglas Taylor

    From WorshipWeb
    Voice One, Elder (with chalice): Across the generations we have carried the flame. We fought the injustice, sang the songs, spoke for truth, and built...
  • Communities of Memory and Promise

    Kendyl R Gibbons

    From WorshipWeb
    Our communities of memory and promise are founded upon covenants because we all need a defense against the impulse of immediate feelings that challenge ...
  • Prayer for This Church

    Nancy Shaffer

    From WorshipWeb
    May each one among us have skin that longs to touch other skin: fingertips that long for other fingertips or whole hands and even arms; bodies that want...
  • Labyrinth Dedication Litany

    Kristin Grassel Schmidt

    From WorshipWeb
    One: Spirit of Guiding Love, we give thanks today for all of the people who followed a dream, and whose vision, persistence, labor, and commitment have...
  • A History of Church, Including Yours

    Sean Neil-Barron

    From WorshipWeb
    One day, your church was born. Maybe it was a gathering of saints, called together for the common worship of a wrathful god, ceaselessly praying between...
  • Playground Dedication II

    Emmy Lou Belcher

    From WorshipWeb
    Under the wide sky, upon this earth the feet will dance of children stretching, swinging, leaping in joy, challenging themselves with new achievements a...
  • Playground Dedication

    Jonalu Johnstone

    From WorshipWeb
    We gather this afternoon, under this sky with these clouds and sun, connecting with this earth, which nourishes and supports us, to dedicate this natura...
  • A House for Our Dreams

    Dori J. Somers

    From WorshipWeb
    We, all of us, build houses for our dreams.....
  • New Church Building Dedication

    Karen Lewis Foley

    From WorshipWeb
    May we honor and hold gently our past. May we live fully our present. May we hope toward and build our future, Living our mission [insert congregation's...
  • We Bless This Sanctuary

    Sandra Fees

    From WorshipWeb
    NOTE: All or part of this ritual can be used to bless a sacred space. We blessed our newly renovated sanctuary for the qualities and attributes we were...