Prayer for Leaving a Sacred Space

Creator, Spirit, God of many names and one transforming love—thank you. Thank you for this space that has been home to our community for these past years.

In a sunny church sanctuary, rows of empty red velvet and wooden pews

There is something so ordinary about a move, boxes, tape. Sorting through papers and objects, revisiting memories. And yet there is something special about a move like this.

A building is a building. This space, is sacred space. We are leaving a space that has been made holy, has been made sacred through all that has happened here. It didn’t start that way, but we have made it so.

Today we recognize the specialness this place has been. We give thanks for all that has been brought here, all that has been left here, all that has been held here.

We will continue to hold sacred the learning, the experiences, the relationships that made this space holy and have faith the learning, the experiences, the relationships will make our new space holy in time.

We pray for grace, comfort, faith, energy to sustain us during this time of transition.