Apply for Chalice Lighter Grant

Did you know that there are a variety of funds available for MidAmerica congregations to help with anything from new buildings and new staff to social justice initiatives and establishing new congregations?

The largest grants come from the MidAmerica Chalice Lighters. Beginning this year, we’ll be awarding a single grant of over $10,000 to one congregation for each of the three Chalice Lighter calls: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

There is also additional Chalice Lighter money available to help MidAmerica congregations with up to $1000 for their Faithify campaigns. The application deadlines are listed on the right. The Faithify grants are available every month all year long.

More information on Chalice Lighters.

Find out more about Faithify.

There are also some limited funds available for small grants of up to $500 to help with projects outside normal operating expenses or to help new UU groups get started, as well as grants of up to $500 for social justice initiatives. For more information about any of these funding opportunities, please contact Phil Lund at

Fill out the Grant Application online.

Application Deadlines

Fall: August 15
Winter: November 15
Spring: February 15