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How might you lead others through a change?
6. In the Wilderness: Change is Hard, Even if it's the Promised Land

In order for congregations to thrive, they must be responsive to a changing world and resilient in the face of such change. Here are some tools and sensibilities for leaders to help their congregations be adaptable to change.

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Emotional Responses to Change

One key insight for leaders is to understanding how responses to change are not just intellectual, but emotional. This presentation provides a mental model using a rollercoaster to help you lead through change.

Resistance to Change

Organizations, like all systems seek a well-ordered status. If a congregation is thrown out of balance by the prospect of change, it will seek to restore order. If there is too much anxiety, conflict can flare up. But leaders can help create a culture that learns to welcome resistance.

Technical vs. Adaptive Challenges

As leaders, sometimes we encounter problems that happen where the solution is not a technical fix. This story will help you to identify such "adaptive" challenges!

Adaptive Challenges

What do you do when a challenge is so new or puzzling that your experienced leaders are stumped and there are no “best practices” to turn to? Instead, help your congregation work together to find a solution. This resource (part of the UU Leadership Institute course "Adaptive Leadership 401") gives you the basic framework for thinking adaptively.

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