Statement of Purpose for Bylaws

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The purpose provision of the bylaws distinguishes the congregation from other institutions in the community and sets out the basic parameters for all the activity of the congregation. Each and every program should be able to be justified by, and encompassed within, the purpose section of the bylaws. Therefore, the purpose section should be drawn broadly enough to incorporate the dreams and visions of the congregation, while also being tight enough to provide focus for the work of the congregation.

Ensure that the language of the congregation's purpose complies with whatever legal restrictions are necessary to protect the congregation's status as both a religious institution and a nonprofit organization at the state and local levels. Likewise, as congregations enter into strategic or long-term planning, add new programmatic elements, or reduce major initiatives, they should take care to amend the bylaws accordingly.

Some congregations refer to the Purpose section in the UUA Bylaws.

Sample Provisions

  • The purpose of this (church/congregation/fellowship/etc.) is to _____________________.
  • We gather to ___________________________.
  • We are a (church/congregation/fellowship/etc.) who _______________________________.

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