Compassionate Staff Terminations

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Staff members are terminated involuntarily for a variety of reasons. Occasionally serious misconduct has occurred, requiring the leadership to make physical and emotional safety of the congregation paramount. But more often, staff are let go because of:

  • Staff restructuring due to budget constraints
  • New needs/priorities
  • Performance problems unable to be rectified

Compassionate Staff Terminations has been created to help congregational leaders and staff supervisors ensure the best possible outcomes for the congregation while offering kindness and respect to the employee. This is a chance for the leadership to practice UU values. Treating a departing staff member well is good not only for them but for the congregation.

This resource is intended to be downloaded and customized. Many thanks to the numerous Congregational Life staff members and professional organization leaders who have reviewed it. We will fine-tune and add to it based on your questions and suggestions. Please contact us at with your ideas.

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