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Breakthrough Congregations: New Ways for a New Day

Breakthrough Congregations

We are pleased to announce the Breakthrough Congregations for 2019.

Breakthrough Congregations has shifted gears. The new focus inspires and supports spiritual vitality in Unitarian Universalist communities by showcasing new models of vitality and successful approaches to leading change.

We are looking for Unitarian Universalist (UU) communities of all kinds—congregations,  covenanted communities or start-ups that have demonstrated new and better ways of meeting the needs of people who are currently underserved or not served at all in our religious communities. We’re looking for innovative approaches of real significance that have succeeded in bringing new vitality to UU communities, and for the stories of successful change leadership that have brought them about. Stories that would be inspiring and useful to other UU communities trying to meet similar needs. This isn’t about numerical growth, community size or even whole-community programming. We want to celebrate innovative ways UU communities  are adapting to the challenges that they face in this changing religious landscape.

You can find a list of Breakthrough Congregations from 2005-2016.