General Session 1, General Assembly 2020

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Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Co-Moderators Mr. Barb Greve and Elandria Williams preside over the general sessions in which the business of the Association is conducted. See the Final Agenda (PDF, 12 pages) for more about the business process.


  • Call to Order
  • Welcome
  • Libations—honoring those who have come before
  • Introduction: GA Youth / Youth Caucus
  • Introduction: YA@GA—Young Adults at General Assembly
  • Introduction: Chaplains
  • Introduction: Right Relationship Team
  • Introduction: Accessibility
  • Adoption of Rules of Procedure
  • Closing Words

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>> Greetings friends. You know the times may be challenging, but we are together and we are ready to go.

>> As we gather together at this General Assembly we do so with the awareness of all that is happening in the world around us and here within our own faith tradition each one of us has different sources of strength and inspiration. For many of us, one of these sources is our ancestors.

>> My pronouns are he/him [indiscernible]

>> Hello my name is Elandria Williams and I’m a member of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville Tennessee and the effective executive director of people's have my pronouns are [indiscernible]

>> And I am Barb Greve, a member of the [indiscernible] my pronouns are he/ him and his together we are the co-moderators and chief governing officers of the Unitarian Universalist Association and I now call to order the first general session of the 59th General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association

>> Welcome Unitarian Universalists. I am Susan Frederick Gray and I'm honored to be the president of your Unitarian Universalist Association. Welcome to General Assembly the annual gathering of Unitarian Universalist. This is a time for Unitarian Universalists together to share an incredible worship, to learn more about ourselves and the world, to connect and celebrate our diverse selves and our unique gifts and together to chart the future of our faith this year's all of General Assembly is truly a new way of gathering but we have been readying for it. For many years we have offered virtual attendance at General Assembly. Offered virtual workshops and gatherings and even had virtual delegates participate in debates and voting. This will be a new experience for many of us. It will not always be perfect. But what is? By meeting virtually though we are prioritizing the health and well-being of each other, and continuing to live into our deepest values. While we miss being in the same physical space, we are still together and we have work to do centered in this year's theme, rooted, inspired and ready.

>> We are rooted. Rooted in our theological and historical roots at this General Assembly we will deepen our understanding of Unitarian Universalism's role in European settlement of this continent remembering 400 years since our religious ancestors on the Mayflower landed in Plymouth and began the colonization of what is now New England. And we will bring these threads into the present day, acting in solidarity with indigenous communities on whose lands we reside. We are inspired, inspired and engaged in the transformation of our faith as more inclusive and anti-oppressive. This General Assembly will be an opportunity to enter the phase of this bank with a concentration in institutional change delivering its final report engaging attendees on how to take action based on the recommendations. Whether you are coming to General Assembly just beginning this work or already far down the road you will leave our time together with concrete skills to bring back to your congregation and community. We are ready, ready to live our values out loud, values of justice, equity, compassion and liberation. The 20/20 elections are one of the most pivotal of our lifetimes. Vital for ensuring justice, the survival of each other and our planet. We are ready to engage in the electoral process as people of faith mobilizing UUs across the country to turn out to UU the vote.

>> Thank you for being a part of General Assembly and thank you to the countless staff and volunteers who make this possible. I invite you if you have no ready to download the J mobile app for a list of programs, speakers, exhibit guides, speaker profile schedule and social media connections. Be engaged as deeply as you can. Join that chat rooms and discussion groups but do not be too involved in the foolishness. Nourish your bodies and souls with worship. It absorbed the wisdom of our featured workshop presenters at all the people engaged in this conversation with you. And be a part of the general sessions. Especially if you are a delegate. But we want everybody to really be engaged in what it means through the governor's work of our faith. It is so great to be together in this pandemic time right? with you UUA staff and volunteers we will now learn about the portal, and how the voting processes will work. Thank you.

>> Hi, I am Carey McDonald, UUA Executive Vice President and thanks for being a part of the business sessions of virtual general simply 2020 let's explain how the process of discussion and voting will work for our virtual business sessions. While similar in some ways to the big in person plenary sessions so many have come to know at GA the virtual session will have a different feel that will hopefully allow more people to participate directly with the business of the Association. To participate in GA business sessions you must be registered and logged into the GA participant portal. In the main hall section participants will be able to see a live feed of the meeting and chat rooms, and delegates will also be able to view the polls and voiding window and Queue submission form to submit statement on business items. If you have ever sent an off-site delegate before you will recognize this portal. It has been developed in-house over the last nine years, since the UUA started making off-site delegated participation available in 2011 the meeting feed in the main hall will be how the meeting is led. It is a live stream zoom meeting with the moderation team and other multimedia content. Our moderation team includes the co-moderators, other members of the UUA board, our parliamentarian, and our legal counsel. All participants can join one of the five chat rooms displayed behind the main room feet. The charms are birch, maple, oak, palm and spruce and they operate legally at the same time. Participants can join in the chat room they want or switch to another one but can only be in a single chat room at a time. Chat rooms all have chat hosts to help everyone participate. During the meeting delegates can comment on the business item under consideration by submitting written statements into the Pro, con or procedure amendment queue through the Queue submission form. Pro and con statements are limited to 200 words, read your submission into the meeting, you can only have one submission to the queue live at a time, and you will be able to see what order you are in the queue. You also get a respond especially submitted through the procedure amendment queue you can also submit advanced video or audio statements of up to two minutes about any item in the business agenda up to two hours before the general start of the general session in which it's being considered. Pre-submitted content will be captioned in sequence by the moderation team at the beginning of the business discussion. Votes will be announced and shared through the main hall video feed, but only delegates will have access to the voting window and button. Be sure to review the rules of procedure and the GA participation guide, great places to check if you have questions about the process. You can also always email the GA Tech team at GA online Thanks for being a part of the first ever all virtual General Assembly.

>> As we gather together at this General Assembly we do so with the awareness of all that's happening in the world around us and here within our own faith tradition. Each one of us have different sources of strength and inspiration. For many of us, one of these sources is our ancestors. Those who have come before us, who have navigated troubled waters and whose dreams, actions wisdom and strength we build on. For many of us we are our ancestors’ most wildest dreams. Things they could have never have imagined. And the time we are in right now... We are the dreams of our ancestors, whose blood has been spilled. We are the dreams of our ancestors whose lives were taken. We are the dreams of our ancestors who have been enslaved, chained and seen as property, and disposable. Some of us are the dreams of our ancestors that were committed genocide against, internment against. We are the dreams of our ancestors who traveled hundreds of miles away to be free. Hundreds of miles away for dreams of liberation. Hundreds and thousands and thousands of miles away for a better way forward. We are their wildest dreams. Those ancestors, some of them have been gone a long time. Others have just been gone for a couple of [months]. We are in a time when ancestors and people who have come before ground and root us in such profound ways. We are in the middle of pandemics. It does mean we have a different way of thinking about ancestors. These pandemics mean that we do Memorial so different now. These pandemics mean that we have had to find new ways of coming together, offering each other love, care and concern. It is customary that when the board meets together physically as opposed to virtually, we leave an open chair at the board table. This chair honors the spirits that have come before us and leaves spaces for our fellow Unitarian Universalist no longer [called in-service] to join us. This open chair invites those to enter that sometimes are not given the space to be. So, we invite you during this virtual assembly to leave an open chair in your home to welcome all those who need to enter, whether from the spirit realm, the nature realm, or maybe next door [indiscernible] as they wear a mask and are 6 feet away and probably do not have the COVID. And the spirit of remembering our ancestors, honoring our ancestors we are going to do a practice that is rooted in my tradition called libations. Libations are poured on sister and sister lives, Libations are poured to honor their courage and wisdom and are poured to honor all that they flow into our lives like a vessel. Many traditions have [indiscernible] many traditions offer offerings, many traditions have altars. Many traditions have lots of ways of honoring those that have come before and those that we are following in, as well as the divine spark and spirit that lives in us and that flows through us if you believe in divine love. So in the spirit of libations, I offer for you to get a vessel of water or a cup of water and a live plant. [You have to pour] in something live and we are going to do libations together. So as we pour libations you say the name and you say Axe. With me here we go Axe... Please repeat after me, Axe Axe... Wonderful. So along with this what we are going to do is something a little different today. We are going to start with some names and we are going to say Axe and we're going to pour. I'm going to add some things around the names. After I am done, what is going to happen is we are going to do a slideshow of other people that people have submitted that are UU and not, but are important in people's lives that passed away in 2019/2020. So here we go. So many have joined the ancestors this year. Too many from violence, COVID 19, cancer and forms of oppression and forms of just passing away. Too many black and brown, queer and trans disabled and economically disadvantaged, too many in a more just world would not have passed. Instead they are now among the ancestors. George Floyd. Axe. Brionna Taylor. Axe. Tony McDade. Axe. Stacy Park. Axe. Caroline [Carrie Graham] shay. We also pour libations for all of those who have died through genocide, slavery and the colonization of these lands. All of those who have died from state sanctioned violence. All those who have died from COVID and related complications. Now please say a name, and during this process we will all say Axe until all the water has been poured. We also want to recognize that there are many names we do not know, but we encourage you to please pour with them so as we go through the slide show please say names please say Axe, say your names, put them in the great space of forgiveness, thanks love and care as we pour and say Axe. Song that we are going to pour to is breasts by Ise Barnwell and thank you Benji for the arrangement.


>> As a part of my culture, we say libations and thanks to all those who have come before and all those who have passed. But we also want to acknowledge those that are here, especially now, right, those that are here and those that are yet to come. So for those that are still here, we want to recognize that we are joined by our elders of our faith and those that we are in community with. If you consider yourself an elder, thank you so much for what you are giving us. We love you. And we are so grateful that you are here helping guide us on the way. For those of us elders like me, or if you have not reached [yelder] status but are in the middle age group and are providing care, balance, support to both the elders and younger folks if you consider yourself a yelder or just middle aged, thank you for what you have and what you are giving us. We love you too. For those of who are younger, not just young at heart, the youth, young adults who are leading the way, challenging us, pushing us because they have been told they’re worthy and have opinions, and helping the rest of us take notice especially in this moment we are in right now if you are a youth or a young adult thank you so so so so much for what you have, for what you are giving us and what you are pushing us to do. We love you. And for those of us who are yet to come, someone who is almost here, about to be born and others we don't even know about, we anticipate your arrival, already loving you. So if everybody can breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe in, into your belly, and breathe out.

>> It is my honor and my pleasure to introduce this year's General Assembly chaplain team these leaders are here to help us move through this difficult time, the Rev. Neil Anderson is completing his first year as a senior minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of greater Lansing and Michigan. He has also served congregations in Reno Nevada and Walnut Creek California. The Rev. Carol Thomas Sisel is the settled minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of center County and State College Pennsylvania. Here calling to UU calling ministry is focused on teaching crafting exuberant working and demanding justice. The Rev. Elizabeth ide is the minister of the first church in Salem. This is her first year as a General Assembly chaplain and she is honored to join this group of caring people. The Rev. Jon S Smith serves as a hospice chaplain and community minister in Florida. He is currently awaiting his call to be a military chaplain. The Rev. Linda Susan B Aldrich has served as an assistant minister at the first UU congregation of Ann Arbor for the last five years and has recently been called as the next settled minister at the Unitarian Society of New Haven. The Rev. Dr. Michelle A Walsh is an ordained UU clergy person, licensed independent clinical social worker and trained spiritual director, who serves as a community minister and also has a private practice called the sacred play explorations. I am the Rev. Katie Romano Griffin. I'm privileged and proud to be serving as this year's lead chaplain for the General Assembly J chaplain team I also serve as the associate minister for Cedar Ln., Unitarian Universalist Church in Bethesda Maryland. And I'm a civil air patrol chaplain serving under the Maryland wing. As we move through this time together, may we remain rooted in compassion and covenant. May we remain inspired by our time together and this amazing faith that we share and may we return to the world ready to build more justice. May it be so. Amen.

>> Good evening. I'm Sherry Halliday Kwon

>> And I'm AJ Anton we are the cochairs of your right relationship team. Every General Assembly assembly we dive into the sticky beautiful and vital community. We strive to reflect our highest values. And sometimes we fall short. Every year is a learning opportunity for us. This year co-creating community will be sticky, beautiful and vital in new different and challenging ways. Many of these we can barely anticipate at this point.

>> The right relationship team supports General Assembly attendees who face marginalization based on identities, the committee was created in response to racism and ageism during past assemblies and our work strives to balance the ways that [kierarchy] that is the overarching [indiscernible] disability erasure transfer be and others operates within our society and our denomination.

>> In other words when power structures and learned habits of being deny that humanity and divinity that lies within each of us. As Unitarian Universalist's we proclaim the hope that we can do better.

>> That includes facilitating one-on-one conversations with and between GA participants however [indiscernible] broad impact on the gathering by explicitly naming the ways in which oppression manifests in our community and encouraging practices [indiscernible]

>> By providing a container for conversations that transform relationships, our work over the next four days together is testament that spiritual and communal transformation is possible. If you are not sure if what's on your heart or mind is something to bring to the right relationship team, reach out. Like all important work, AJ and I aren't doing this alone. We have a fantastic team supporting you and the work of right relationship.

>> This work can and will create deep discomfort and uncertainty, particular for those of us who move in the world with privileged identities.

>> And the work can be triggering and emotionally tasking for those with marginalized identities.

>> The good news is, we do not have to go it alone. We have each other. We invite you to approach this virtual GA as an opportunity to practice incorporating our Unitarian Universalist values and principles into everything we do and all our interactions with one another.

>> Come, let us be humble and courageous and faithful together.

>> The proposed rules of procedure can be found along with the final agenda in the program book. These words will govern our consideration of and voting upon the business items that come before us during general sessions. The rules are largely the same as in previous years. There are a couple of items that I want to direct your attention to. Please note, rule five provides that no amendments to a business resolution, by law change, or rule change will be in order unless submitted for consideration at the mini assembly for that item. Also, please note to that rule six B indicates that 15 minutes is allowed for discussion of any proposed bylaw or rule amendment resolution or action on a report that is on or admitted to the final agenda. This time includes time devoted to discussing any amendments to the proposed amendment. Any motion to extend time for discussion must be made from the procedural queue before time for discussion expires. Please note rule 8 provides that separate queues will be designated as proponent, Pro, and concern, con, queues for discussion of proposed bylaws rules resolutions or actions discussion through these queues is limited to recorded or written statements in support of or to raise concerns with the motions respectively. Concerns rates raised three con quee is should be substantial enough that the author is not ready to support the motion on the table there's also a single [indiscernible] questions submitted through the question and answer queue must be written. Usage of the amendment and procedure Q is reserved for the following. One, making an amendment to a main motion or another amendment provided the motion is in order and recognized by a co-moderator or their designee. Two, making any other motion that is recognized by the moderator to be in order. Three, stating the Board of Trustees position at the outset of discussion on those items on the final agenda on which the board takes a position. four, questions or clarifications about the process of the discussion, or the implementation of the rules and procedures. And five, other comments recognized by the moderator. As a reminder, only delegates may enter the queues to submit statements and or questions except by express permission of a co-moderator or their designee. I strongly urge everyone attending General Assembly, General Assembly sessions through the rules of procedure. Critically look at rule six of the rules so that you under 10 understand the time limits in effect. 15 minutes is the time allowed for discussion for any proposed bylaw amendment, will change, resolution or action on a report that is on or admitted to the final agenda. Remember statements through the pro- and con queues must be in writing or recorded video or audio and submitted at least two hours before the posted start time of the general session. Try to keep your comments brief, and to the point within the two minute mark to maximize the number of people who can contribute. Also remember that you can always vote to suspend the rules once we have reached the appropriate time. If you feel that we are ready to go ahead and vote on the business item on the floor. Will the board secretary make the appropriate motion with respect to the rules of procedure?

>> Moved that the rules of procedure of this General Assembly as set forth in full on pages 62 through 64 of the final agenda be adopted.

>> Is there a second? Please indicate so in the chat. We will take a moment for folks to type their response. I have been informed that it has been seconded. Would anyone like to discuss the rules? If you are in the main hall, you may need to refresh your page in order to have that debate and discussion piece of the website work for you. I recognize the delegate at the procedural queue.

[No audio available]

>> I can't... See anything.

>> All we have is the name of the delegate. But there is nothing typed into the chat that tells us what the delegate is wishing to do

>> I don't even see the name of the delegate.

>> We have Julie Jon Knox. And they just left.

>> Okay.

>> Please remember delegates... Now we have Ami [Yum] at the procedural queue.


>> we will be needing to type your submission into the queue along with your name.

>> Tom, I can read it if you want to have Barb acknowledge me

>> go ahead.

>> I recognize the delegate at the procedural mic?

>> This is the [pro] mic. Not the procedural mic.

>> I recognize the delegate at the procedural mic. I recognize the delegate at the procedural mic.

>> I am not able to see anything that the delegates are typing.


>> if you are good to go take it.

>> Tom, I need Barb to recognize me. I recognize the procedural mic. Thank you co-moderator Barb. Reading for delegate Chris [indiscernible] the delegate says in the mini discussion there was noted it there was space to enter amendments in this meeting that were not addressed fully for lack of time. Is this the case?

>> The opportunity to... Enter amendments will be during the general session in which the business pieces are being addressed. I believe that is general session 4 for both bylaw changes and [the business] resolution. I am not seeing any other delegates at the queues. [Indiscernible] I do want to just acknowledge we are working on options regarding the captions. I did not want you to think we were not paying attention. All right. Seeing no other delegates...I recognize the delegate at the procedural microphone queue.

>> Yes. From Aaron White at [indiscernible] Universalist society we said how do we submit recorded statements at the deadline if this is only available during session?

>> Give me one moment to confer with the tech folks. While we are getting to the answer to that question I invite everybody to introduce themselves in their respective chat rooms. I greatly appreciate all of your patience. This is a new technology for many of us, myself included and I'm grateful for those of you who have been doing online delegate for General Assembly for quite some time. And we are back so thank you for your patience and your grace. It's going to be fun. I have been told that the [platform] which is the technology that you will submit your statements is live and we are hopeful that that will remain so the whole time. Until obviously the time for the deadline for submissions closes. We are just waiting for the queue to load. Wonderful. I recognize the delegate at the procedural queue.

>> Thank you [indiscernible] reading for the chair for the commission on social witness, Pittman Whitaker the commission on social witness would like to ensure all delegates are aware of the 10 PM Eastern time tonight deadline to submit proposed actions of immediate witness. This deadline is noted in the rules of GA. We wish to highlight it. I read again. The commission on social witness would like to ensure all delegates are aware of the 10 PM Eastern time/ 9 PM central time/ 8 PM mountain time/ 7 PM Pacific tonight deadline to submit proposed actions of immediate witness. Rules of GA. We wish to highlight it.

>> Thank you Pippin and Greg thank you for the time zone changes. I recognize the delegate at the procedural mic.

>> From Francis Buford we have the main room meeting seems to be without sound, though every once in a while a sound does come on. We are working on some of those tech issues. We are spinning up some additional servers. I have some information about that, but thank you for bringing that to our attention and we will make sure that IT is now aware of it.

>> Thank you. I recognize the delegate at the procedural queue.

>> From Glenn White, the delegate rises to a point of personal privilege to say some of us have been stuck in another room and not able to participate until just recently.

>> For those of you that were stuck in another room, we welcome you. We are currently reviewing the rules of procedure for General Assembly I encourage you to read them in the program book and join the conversation. I recognize the delegate at the procedural queue.

>> Trustee reading for the procedural queue is getting a timeout message... So we will go to that in just a second... Capacity we do have several servers to spin off onto we just did not expect to have to use them all tonight. So that is what is going on. No worries. We will get to your statement. I see a few questions about seconds. We have been able to second the rules. We are currently only dealing with procedural questions. We do want to make sure that everyone gets their procedural questions answered, if that is how we need to spend [indiscernible] but we also do want to make sure that folks know that it looks like no one is actually speaking for or against the rules at this time. So you might be ready to vote.

>> Just a moment.

>> I recognize the delegate at the procedural queue.

>> So that everyone's aware, there will be two coming from the procedural queue. I can see one right now. And there is a longer statement a little but after that from Jon Burke. I was told I couldn't do amendments to rules in many assembly. I wish to amend rule six. If the delegate would tell us how the delegate wishes to amend rule six we will be able to look into that. But you're able to make amendments at this time. I also see a concern further down the queue that I'm going to address at this point. About, in the light of technical glitches, delays, how do you calculate 15 minutes? is it like having timeout during a sports event, or is it takes 30 minutes to elapse when it's actually 15 minutes. Yes that's actually what happens. That's actually in the wrong queue. That is not a concern for that the point of personal privilege. That belongs in the... In the procedural queue in the future, which is why I took it here. Again we are waiting on Jon Burke to tell us how the delegate wishes to amend rule six. And while we are waiting I will just note that with the reference to how time shifts and pauses, just like in a sporting event we had thought, we on the board had had a thought to spend some time to have a narrator, if you will, a sportscaster, if you will for General Assembly. Perhaps in future years we will be able to make that happen. I recognize the delegate in the procedural queue.

>> From Carl [indiscernible] my name is Carl [indiscernible] I'm a delegate from the Unitarian Universalist Church of greater Lansing in Lansing Michigan. Laster in Spokane when the agenda item came up, the co-moderators asked whether anyone wanted to discuss the rules. The question was met with General laughter from the attending delegates. However after the agenda was passed we spent all the time in Spokane discussing the rules we had passed. I have noticed very similar things happen at other GAs I have attended that expend our time at GA discussing rules rather than doing the work that we have gathered to do. I would first like to ask the delegates to make sure they understand these rules that they are about to vote on. Maybe if we ask our questions now we could avoid the constant rules debates that we had last year. Personally my main concern about these rules we are being asked to pass this year is that they seem to give significant power and expression to the moderator. I would like to ask whether under these rules delegates would still have the ability to appeal the moderators decisions using the appeal process and Roberts rules.

>> To answer the question, yes, delegates can appeal the ruling of the moderator. Do we have any delegates in any of the queues I recognize the delegate at the pro-queue.

>> The pro-statement is null.

>> As a gentle reminder for those of you wanting to put your comments in the queue whether that is pro-or or with a concern or to ask a clarifying question or add an amendment, please remember to put in your name, your congregation, and then the content of your question or comment. I'm going to ask my [indiscernible] do we have anybody waiting in any of the queues? I recognize the delegate at the con queue. All right. All right so we have... Somebody at the con queue.

>> It seems to be the same question from earlier about the sports event timing of 15 minutes. So from [indiscernible] of East suburban you your church in Marysville Pennsylvania in light of these technical glitches, delays how do you calculate 15 minutes is it like having timeout during sports event so 15 minutes takes 30 minutes to elapse?

>> So we are still learning the tech. We all need to be a little patient with that. It may feel to some of us like a sporting event where time is delayed or paused and for others of us it will flow smoothly. Time is man-made manifested thing. [indiscernible] Standardize clock and we ask for your grace. I want to remind folks as we are waiting for the queues to all work that the rules we are adopting are not strict Roberts rules of order. The rules adopted will be the guiding rules for how we discuss and decide our business. It means it means that we are most comfortable in Roberts rules of order we need to review these rules and stretch yourself a little. The board has taken some intentional moves to make this a more inclusive process. Roberts rules tend not to do that. I recognize the delegate at the procedural like

>> [indiscernible] we do have a motion to call the question. The reason that that is not necessarily in order at this time is we are waiting on information from the delegate who wanted to amend rule six. We still need clarification on what the amendment to rule six is.

>> Thank you for that clarification. While we are waiting for that our fantastic parliamentarian Nina Elko has reminded me that rule 12 in our rule covers when Roberts rules kicks in. Conversely when it is not applicable. I recognize the delegate at the amendments queue

>> Actually in the concern queue. And I can see what the issue is. We are having difficulty clearing out the queues. As you can see you're only able to be in one queue at a time. So delegate thank you for moving from one queue to the other. That is going to be an appropriate procedure if these types of issues process. Delegate Jon Burke believes there should be time allowed in rule six to consider amendments. I want to lift up that there is some clarification in rule five which deal specifically with amendments.

>> This is from Christina Lowe from tapestry UU in Texas who supports the rules as they stand.

>> I recognize the delegate of the concern queue.

>> I apologize but right now I cannot see the debate submissions. So if someone else could take this, that would be wonderful.

>> Thank you. I greatly appreciate all of your patience as we work through this. I am being fed some information through our tech team and even though we are not all in a big hall together, a big hands up for the fantasticness of the tech team working behind the scenes to get us all [the things] . It seems that we have a line up at the pro- queue and none at the concern queue which means that I think we are ready to take a vote. So study breath in, folks, this will be the first vote altogether. I invite those of you that are delegates... Hold on one second. I recognize the delegate at the amendment mic.

>> [Indiscernible] also on rule six, I am not able to see all of that information at this point. Nor am I, Gray. You have the amendment? our tech team just fed that to us from delegate Jon Burke who says rule six, a vote shall not be taken until amendments are discussed. You can't get back into the queue as we have not been able to clear out either one of them. So the amendment that is being proposed from delegate Jon Burke to rule six is a vote shall not be taken until amendments are discussed.

>> So we will discuss and vote on this amendment before we do anything else. Of course first we need a second. Is there a second? I have been told that it has been seconded. So we will now discuss the amendment. A vote shall not be taken until amendments are discussed. This would be added to rule six. We are waiting to see if there's anyone in the queue with concerns for this amendment. Again, this amendment would add to rule six that a vote shall not be taken until amendments are discussed. I recognize the delegate at the pro- queue.

>> This is from the congregation [indiscernible] Danbury Connecticut in light of the [indiscernible] first ever virtual General Assembly voting I recognize your efforts and to support the rules as proposed.

>> Folks I'm going to pause us for a moment. I am being told by the tech team that we need to take a recess. I am wondering if my tech team can let us know how long of a recess we will need. Okay we are going to take a 15 minute recess. So hold onto all of your ideas. And we will be back in 15 minutes.