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Church of the Larger Fellowship Worship Service, General Assembly 2007

General Assembly 2007 Event 5006

Speakers: Jane Rzepka, Patrick O'Neill

Come to the Church of the Larger Fellowship's General Assembly Worship service! The Revs. Jane Rzepka and Patrick O'Neill preaching, welcome from Denny Davidoff, music from the UU Musician's Network, and more...

Lively straight-up Unitarian Universalist worship at its best!

Read the text of the worship (PDF, 13 pages), which includes the order of service; a meditation by Mr. Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson and Mr. Barb Greve; "A Temple of the Heart," a homily by the Rev. Dr. Patrick T. O’Neill; and "The Shelter of a Tree," a homily by the Rev. Jane Rzepka.

Jane Rzepka

The Rev. Jane Rzepka

Unitarian Universalists singing and clapping.

Attendees clap and sing as they enjoy the music.