Possible to Enable Clicking Main Menu items?

By UUA Web Team
February 16, 2016, 4:33 pm EST

When a main menu item is click, the drop-down menu appears...fine...but it would be nice to enable a click on the main menu item that navigates to the first item on the drop-down menu...Learning Overview, for instance. This would save a click. Not a critical issue, but I wonder if it can be done. ssander0

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(These answers were posted several years ago and disappeared, so I'm putting them back.)

Sarah Millspaugh wrote:

This is something that our development team went back and forth about during the design phase. There are opposing yet very valid schools of thought on this matter in the web design community. You can see on UUA.org that the top-level menu items are clickable. For the UUA Theme we went with what the Theme's developer considers best practices.

JimGasperini replied:

As Sarah says, there are opposing schools of thought. I agree with the choice made in the UUA Theme. Yes, for savvy users the UUA.org approach can 'save a click.' That advantage must be balanced against the disadvantage to the many users who will not understand that selecting the link name and selecting the caret next to it will have different results, and be surprised by what happens. On tablets distinguishing between the two targets can also be difficult.