Peculiar behavior for pages

By UUA Web Team
February 7, 2016, 3:53 pm EST

OK, I seem to have finally figured out how to create a Members menu in the left hand side of some of my pages. I discovered that the presence of the left-hand menu depends not on any menu ordering, but on the page ordering specified at the right of the Edit Page admin page. However, I don't understand why I see no trace of the Left Hand sidebar/widget area. Moreover, if I create a page with the default page template, and set it up to reside in a page hierarchy on the Edit Page page (for example,…), I see a page menu to the left of my page. And, if I do a Customize on that page, and then look at the Widgets (Sidebars) available, I see: Primary
Footer 1
Footer 2
Footer 3 (note, no Left Hand sidebar) However, when I have a page that I have not set into a page hierarchy in the Edit Page, and try Customizing it, I discover that it tells me there are no Widgets (aka sidebars) available. I do not understand how adding the page to a page hierarchy affects the sidebars available on that page. So, I believe I now know why my attempts using Custom Sidebar have failed to create a Members menu visible in the left hand sidebar. I believe that there is no left hand sidebar available on that page (any page?). I fail to understand how you can register a left hand sidebar, but not have it show up anywhere I have been able to find. I am not convinced that this is not a bug, but the implementation is so complex, it's hard to tell whether this behavior is intentional or not. Please explain. Thanks!

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I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. As fas as I know, the lefthand menu always shows the hierarchy of pages of the part of the site you are looking at. (That is, if you are on an "About Us" page, the lefthand menu displays the hierarchy of "About Us" pages.)

If I were making a Members section, I'd add "Members" to the Main Menu (Primary Navigation) and put your members pages under it.

I hope that helps!