Copyright Infringement on the Web

When you put your work on the web, this act constitutes an "implied license" to allow access to that work through normal web usage patterns, i.e., reading, viewing, or listening to that work.

Workshop or program presenters should remember that "implied license" does not permit the making of multiple copies and distributing them for a workshop, publishing the material in a book, or copying them on another web page. For such acts, one needs permission from the author; if a source is quoted, acknowledgement of the source must be provided.

Text, images, music, video, non-html documents and the like may not be reproduced on without written consent from content owner.

Reproduction consent. When you require consent from another website, always begin with their copyright notice. Some websites will tell you up front if you can reproduce information. Many sites don't have copyright information but that doesn't mean you have permission to use their material. You must contact and receive permission from the content owner. If you don't find someone to contact or don't receive a response, you cannot reproduce their material.

If permission is granted, a credit must be cited as instructed by the content owner.
Photographs. If a photographer is not a staff member, their name (if known) will always be listed in the image ALT tag.

Linking. You never need permission to link to another website.