CER FAQ: River Rising Youth Immersion Experience

River Rising Logo, honor ancestors, find balance, ground yourself, weave connections, leadership for a new future.

Have questions about River Rising? Here are some answers:

Are scholarships available?

Yes. You can apply for a scholarship of up to half the registration cost. We ask that your congregation also assist in funding your [insert name] experience (as they will be a primary beneficiary!). We will provide matching scholarships up to the amount your congregation provides.

How can I convince my congregation to help fund me?

Talk to members of your church's Board, your Minister, and your Director of Religious Education about why you would like to attend River Rising. Ask them to watch the Goldmine video. You can explain that we hope River Rising will inspire the same self reflection, commitment to community and enthusiasm to be change makers in your congregation and the world.

My congregation doesn't have any money set aside for something like this, what should I do?

Ask if it would be okay for you to fundraise within the congregation. You might ask if you can make a pulpit announcement describing your plans and see if people are willing to sponsor you. You could ask if you can set up a table at coffee hour. You could set up a laptop with the video and talk to people about what you want to do. You might be surprised at how generous the members of your congregation are when you are clear about how important this is to you!

Where will we be staying?

We will be living and sleeping at a church. We choose locations that have showers on the premises but because of our busy schedule and the number of participants we can’t guarantee a shower every day. Youth should bring sleeping bags, pads, air mattresses, etc - whatever they can transport that will make them comfortable for the week.

How can I get there?

Driving is how most people travel to and from River Rising. Closer to the time we will send an email to you with names of other folks coming from your direction so you can investigate car pool options. There are also train and bus options for both River Risings. Check out Amtrak and Greyhound.

What about food?

Hospitality coordinator who is charge of the kitchen and making sure everyone's food needs are met. There are plenty of options for breakfast and lunch and teams of youth prepare a common meal for dinner. We can easily accommodate gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian food and most common allergies. Since the group is relatively small, food is customized for the attendees. Youth have the chance to shape the menu and be sure food that they like is present. If you have a specific food need you're worried about reach out and ask.

Goldmine was advertised as a “leadership school” but I notice River Rising doesn’t have that same tagline. Why?

We still consider River Rising to be a leadership school, we’re just being intentional about the shift from how we have thought of leadership in the past and what is needed now. We believe we need leaders who know how and when to follow and listen, who have skills for resiliency and who know how to inspire, innovate and sustain the work of others and their own.

For Adults

How do I help fund my youth?

The scholarship form will ask how much your congregation has committed to help. We hope you can find money in your leadership development budgets, youth ministry budgets, or are willing to hold a special fundraiser. Show your Board the Goldmine video and ask them to help, have a special collection, or a special table at coffee hour. We believe that when youth feel "sent forth" by their congregations they are more likely to feel a responsibility to give back when they come home.