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  • Preparing for General Assembly 2019

    It's time to get prepared for General Assembly 2019!
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  • Some Goodbyes, Some Welcome Backs, But Same CER Team Spirit of ‘Better Together’

    Summer is bringing some staffing changes to Central East Region.
    By Megan Foley | 5/20/2019
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  • Create a Counter Narrative in Your Church

    I’ve been reflecting on the many ways that our churches would do well to describe the ways they aren’t attached to the habits and practices of this world. We UUs are not only called to make this world better. We are often called to do so by subverting the dominant paradigm, by...
    By Megan Foley | 5/13/2019
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  • Can't Afford Summer Institute? Apply for a Scholarship

    The Melanie Pescan Memorial scholarship fund was started in order to bring people with financial hardships to Summer Institute. The scholarship pays for at least part of their attendance fee.
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  • A Trip Through Living History

    Last March, I began a journey to learn the history of the Movement (the Civil Rights Movement) in Alabama. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I had been taught about Rosa Parks in Montgomery; the March from Selma to Montgomery; and the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in...
    By Amy Kent | 4/29/2019
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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ May 2019

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - Cluster Programs Offered by Staff, RE Trainings this Summer and Seaway Gathering
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  • How To Answer the Question: Who Is Our Neighbor?

    Each one of our congregations have a ministry context – the neighborhood and community where our church is located. If we knew more about our neighbors, we could be intentional about offering programming that meets the real needs of the community.
  • Shadows and Ashes: The Peril of Nuclear Weapons on Display

    Children’s artwork from Hiroshima 1945 (on loan from the collection at All Souls UU in D.C.) is featured in the exhibition “Shadows and Ashes: The Peril of Nuclear Weapons,” on view at Montgomery College’s Cultural Arts Center
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  • Does Your Congregation Talk About Stewardship Year Round?

    Many congregations are in the waning days of their annual stewardship campaign. Are you thinking, “whew, glad that’s done until next year?” Well…not so fast!
    By Patricia Infante | 4/8/2019
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  • Summer Institute is for Families

    This weeks' blog post is by guest writer, Brian Hagemann at First UU Columbus. ...
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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ April 2019

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - UUA Jobs Board, Safety Conference, Seaway Gathering, Summer Camps
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  • Walls and Windows

    “Walls and Windows” by Judy Small and Pat Humphries is one of my favorite songs. It is described as “an anti-war song written from a woman’s perspective. The song asks that we recognize ourselves in the people, who are on the other side of the fence”
    By Hope Johnson | 3/25/2019
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  • A Message from Dr. Dennis Wellnitz, Joseph Priestley District

    A Message from Dr. Dennis Wellnitz, Joseph Priestley District on dissolving the district.
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  • One Trans UU's Story

    "Trans people have a wide range of gender identities and a wide range of ways of adapting, and being unable or unwilling to adapt, to a world that doesn’t often accept us. We come in the full range of human differences which impact how others respond to our transness."
    By Evin Carvill Ziemer | 3/11/2019
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  • Are You Ready for Summer Institute?

    Summer Institute is an intentional intergenerational community that gets created and re-created each summer as we come together to live fully as Unitarian Universalists.
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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ March 2019

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - General Assembly, River Rising, Summer Camps
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  • Introducing River Rising

    The Central East Region is excited to announce the creation of a new week-long youth leadership experience happening this summer in 2019. Rising River will include several aspects of the previous Goldmine Leadership School but with lots of new exciting changes.
    By Shannon Harper | 2/25/2019
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  • It's Time to Think About General Assembly 2019!

    You are invited to join us for General Assembly June 19-23, 2019 in Spokane, WA for The Power of We
    By Beth Casebolt | 2/18/2019
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  • But I Had the Right of Way! Finding Our Way Out of Conflict

    Yet we've learned that conflicts can present great opportunities for building community by examining together what we value the most and clarifying our purpose and mission as a community.
    By Andrea Perry Lerner | 2/10/2019
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  • Music at Summer Institute: A Symphony of Shared Experience

    Music at Summer Institute: A Symphony of Shared Experience. “There’s a lot of opportunities for music at SI. I think you’d really love it.”
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