CB Beal Is 2019 Angus H. MacLean Recipient

CB Beal is shown from the shoulders up. CB is a white person with close-cropped grey hair. They are smiling and wearing glasses and a shirt, tie, and vest.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is pleased to announce that CB Beal, M.Div., will receive the 2019 Angus H. MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education.

The award will be given on Saturday evening, June 22, 2019 during the UUA General Assembly closing ceremonies in Spokane, Washington.

CB is a Unitarian Universalist religious educator, a sexuality educator, and director of Justice and Peace Consulting based in Easthampton, MA. They served the Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence as Director of Religious Education for 16 years. A member of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) since 2000, they have served on the LREDA board and as a Good Officer.

An experienced educator, CB has trained Our Whole Lives sexuality education facilitators and trainers and has co-led most of the Renaissance professional development modules offered by the UUA. CB’s faith-centered, engaging, and effective work with religious educators and lay leaders, grounded in the philosophy, process, and practice of “preemptive radical inclusion,” points Unitarian Universalist professional leaders, communities, and congregations toward justice and equitable ways to embody being Beloved Community together.

The UUA presents the MacLean Award each year to someone who has made outstanding contributions to religious education. The award was established in 1972 by the St. Lawrence University Theological School Alumni Association and the Religious Education Department of the UUA.