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Thirty Days of Love, Day 6: Examine Your Words
Thirty Days of Love, Day 6: Examine Your Words
Date: January 21 – Examine Your Words Staff Member: Spirituality and Service Consultant Erik Mohn Description: When was the last time you spoke (emailed, etc.) unlovingly to someone? To yourself? What about the last time you spoke or wrote cruelly about someone? What about people in your lives vs. strangers? In each case, what was the root of your anger? To Do: How can you remind yourself to promote more respectful rhetoric online, in your personal and professional interactions, and with yourself?   The last time I said something unloving to someone, that I can recall, was back in December, while I was in Haiti. While I am quite positive I have said hurtful things to people since then, this particular instance stands out to me, as I remember feeling really bad after saying it. I wasn’t angry at the person, and while we are not good friends, I do not have any malicious feelings towards the person; it just shot out of my mouth. It was simply unnecessary to say, and I was aware of it the moment it came out of my mouth. I apologized immediately, but still felt very bad afterwards. While I joke a lot, it is never my intention to hurt people’s feelings. I recognize that at times I joke a little too much or that I may try to push my limits. It is something that I am consciously working on. I think the best thing that I can do is to assume good intent whenever anybody is speaking, to try to uplift whenever I am speaking, and to apologize immediately whenever I say anything hurtful.   It’s all apart of becoming more mature… -Erik.  

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