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Thirty Days of Love, Day 2: Ponder Love
Thirty Days of Love, Day 2: Ponder Love
Date: Tuesday, January 17 – Ponder Love. Staff member: Leadership Development Associate Jeremie Bateman Description: To know the story of us and the story of now, we must know the story of self. Powerful actions emanate from profound self-reflection. Join us in introspective love by answering crucial questions this week. Today’s question: How is love part of your personal identity? For children: Draw a picture of what love looks like to you.   My instinct, on first reading the question, was to assert that love is at the center. That love is the center. That love shapes my assumptions, motivates my actions, and tints my outlook. But that wouldn't be true. At least not all the time. Not when anger, or fear, or snark, or impatience eclipses love. Instead, I think today that I can say love - and living with love as the center - is an aspiration. It is work. To me, there is nothing passive about being a loving person. It is active. It is embodied. It is hard. Love is part of my personal identity because love is the core of the me I am striving to be. - Jeremie.  

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