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Help Create Intentional UU Community!

By Annie Gonzalez Milliken

UU Community Cooperatives are creating a second living community

Imagine a place where a diverse group of folks commit to living intentionally together based on Unitarian Universalist values. Imagine cooking together, singing together, honoring the interdependent web, using the democratic process…ok, and maybe grumbling about the dishes from time to time…

Sound intriguing?  Well if you live in the Boston area you may already be familiar with Lucy Stone Cooperativean intentional community living the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism through cooperative home ownership. But did you know that their parent organization, Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives (UUCC) is ready to expand to a second house?


UUCC is looking to gather a core team of planners and housemates for the new house. The core team will work with the UUCC board to move through house-buying process together and envision what life in this new community will look like. They are hoping to be located in the Boston area, grounded in Unitarian Universalism and dedicated to the UUCC core values of spiritual practice, sustainability, and social change.

While there are many young adults living at Lucy Stone and involved with UUCC, this project is certainly open to folks of any generation.

They are an important example of a project that is deeply rooted in its mission and dedicated to embodying our faith in daily life.

If you're interested in speaking with them about becoming a part of this team, please fill out the form on their website or pass it along to someone you know who would be interested!

If you'd like to support this project, be ready to check out their fundraising campaign on Faithify, when they launch at General Assembly 2014.  You can learn more about Faithify by watching this video and visiting their new website after June 25th, 2014.

Whether or not you can get involved with UUCC, I hope you find ways to live your values intentionally in community every day!

Lucy Stone Sunday Hymn Sing

Lucy Stone Sunday Hymn Sing
Shared meal at Lucy Stone

Shared meal at Lucy Stone