A Week That Felt Like a Month, Tied To Her for Years

By Jennica Davis-Hockett

Rhea Brown-Bright

Rhea Brown-Bright

At the Unitarian Universalist Association Summer Seminary 2014, yes, students learned about what it's like to be a religious professional, but they also learned about navigating in and appreciating the city of Chicago. They also created deep bonds with one another to find the Spirit of Life within and all around them. Rhea Brown-Bright, from the progressive oasis of the First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City, recounts her experience. –Ed.


By Rhea Brown-Bright

When the plane left the ground of Chicago When it left all the friends I had made behind I knew my life had changed Summer Seminary wasn’t just a place to be for a week It was a week that felt like a month, that will be tied to my brain for years It was exploration Was friendships Was sharing Was a place made safe by all of those around us It was learning how to use public transport, and being on trains It was learning about ministry, talking, and finding out what the call was about It was (for some of us) figuring out our call It wasn’t just learning what ministry is It was learning how to get involved in ministry How to do ministry How we all do ministry every day Summer Seminary was more than just a week It was beauty Not just beauty of the architecture around us The beauty of the souls around us The ideas around us The strength of the voices around us It was the confidence that we saw grew in the shyest of us Summer Seminary for anyone will never be just a week It becomes the Spirit of Life Touching everyone While strengthening the roots upon us

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Rhea Brown-Bright is a 16 year old girl, who lives in Oklahoma City and is a Red Dirt Poet. She likes to play the guitar, play characters in school plays, and play on playgrounds. She enjoys everything pumpkin spice and everything plaid. She aspires to be tall and hilarious. She is currently working on both.