30 Days of Love: 8/30
30 Days of Love: 8/30
Learning about Unitarian Universalists of past who were committed to social justice and did awe inspiring work gives me strength. It helps me know I am not doing this work alone, but rather part of a long legacy that stretches before and will continue after me. The figures of our past help hold me accountable to live out my values, just as the ones alive today who I call my community do. Hearing about the work of our legacy also leads me to think about the ways that our world has changed, in some ways for the better, in others for the worse. It makes me think about who our community of leaders for social justice are now, and how they are both similar and different to those of years past. What do we want our movement for social change to look like? Will it be multifaith? Will it be multigenerational? Will it be racially and ethnically diverse? Will it be economically diverse? Will it be diversity in ability? Will it be diverse in gender identity and expression?

January 26, 2013. Ask Others to Pledge to SSL.

The only way we can make it so is by making it so. Invite your friends to join us. Talk with those you don't know about our movement, and ask them to share their own visions and works of justice to see how we can help. Today, ask others to Stand on the Side of Love with you. We cannot do this alone, and are indeed better together.        

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