What Presenting as Gay Taught a Straight Man
What Presenting as Gay Taught a Straight Man

Self-admittedly Bigoted Man Presents as Gay, Learns Empathy

After experiencing the pain of a friend's coming out as a lesbian, Timothy Kurek decided to find out for himself what it is like  when a person affirms a sexual or gender identity that is considered different from the norm. As a social experiment, Kurek – a straight christian man – came out as gay one year ago. He chronicled his experience in "The Cross in the Closet." Learn more about Timothy's experience: In the Guardian UK("Why a Bible belt conservative spent a year pretending to be gay. Timothy Kurek, a graduate of the evangelical Liberty University, decided to 'walk in the shoes' of a gay man and emerged with his faith strengthened"), in the Huffington Post ("Timothy Kurek, Straight Christian Man, 'Comes Out' And Pretends To Be Gay For A Year"), and watch his story here (ABC News).            

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  • Ted joined the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in February 2010. He brings more than twenty-five years of experience using media to create social change by creating communications strategies and content for progressive non-profits, political campaigns, and cause based...

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