Show 'Em How to Build a New Way
Show 'Em How to Build a New Way

Your Program Proposal for General Assembly (GA) Eagerly Awaited

GA 2014 saw compelling programming that wasn't just oriented to youth and young adults – it was programmed by them. And while youth are required to attend Youth Caucus, they can submit programming proposals directed toward all GA attendees outside of Youth Caucus.

Youth and young adults point the way to the future of Unitarian Universalism – what better place than the next General Assembly to show us the future?

Proposal Deadline: November 3, 2014

From the General Assembly Planning Office:

Propose a program for the 2015 General Assembly: “Building a New Way”!

We are looking for faith entrepreneurs, both those working within a congregation and those working beyond congregational walls, to submit program proposals for the2015 General Assembly in Portland, Oregon that address the theme “Building a New Way.” What are your stories of engaged religious community? What are your efforts to build an inclusive community that supports justice and lives compassionately? How are you reaching out beyond your immediate Unitarian Universalist community to share the liberal religious values that transform lives? How are you providing deep faith formation to both newcomers and long-time members? How are you building a new way? All proposals must be submitted by Monday, November 3.  Additional info.

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