Getting to Justice GA?
Getting to Justice GA?
The General Assembly Project for Youth and Young Adults has now been launched! In response to calls from all over the country to make it easier to attend 2012 Justice GA in Phoenix, AZ, the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries has teamed up with the General Assembly Planning Committee (GAPC) to provide additional support for youth and young adults who want to make it to Phoenix for this historic event. What will the GA Project include? Here are a few things:
  • Increased scholarship assistance
  • Grants for accessibility projects (e.g. shared meals, transportation)
  • Information on youth safety
  • Suggestions for affordable housing
  • Guidance with fundraising
  • Clearinghouse for GA preparation and accessibility efforts (e.g. congregational trainings, bus rentals)
This is a starting point for the Project, and we want to hear from you about what else would be helpful! Our goal is to make this a grassroots effort that empowers youth and young adults to attend Justice GA to make sure their voices are heard and their presence is felt. As more information becomes available we will post it on the Project website, so check back regularly! Find a new link to the Project page in the Blue Boat toolbar.


Visit the GA Accessibility Project site at

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  • Carey McDonald is the UUA's Executive Vice President. He's a lifelong UU who has worked in nonprofit, government, political and progressive organizations.

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