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Archives of Central East Region News
Archives of Central East Region News
  • The Results are In - Joseph Priestley District

    The delegates to the Joseph Priestley District Assembly voted by a 97 percent majority to affirm the authority of the Joseph Priestley District Board of Directors to dissolve the District governance structures and to participate fully in the Central East Region of the UUA!...
  • On A Scale of 1 -10 (10 = Great), I Would Rate Stewardship on Our Website at About -3

    Does the title above sound familiar? Your website is effectively your Electronic Commons and your Electronic Front Door. It’s where potential visitors find you and where members come for information, ideas, and inspiration. Where and how stewardship is seen on your website is...
  • The Results are In - Ohio-Meadville & St. Lawrence

    The St. Lawrence and Ohio-Meadville Districts are pleased to announce their delegates have voted to dissolve their districts in favor of our Central East Region.  Each district will legally dissolve at their own pace based on the laws where each is incorporated. It is...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ April 2016

    Featured Resource: General Assembly 2016 The theme for GA 2016 will be Heart Land: Where Faiths Connect. The faith world is increasingly multifaith. People are crossing borders of religion and spiritual practice to create wholeness in their lives individually and collectively...
  • Stewardship for Us: The Steward's Identity

    We all have different aspects to our identity, and some are more important to how we “identify” than others. I am a married, middle-aged, male to name a few—not necessarily in that order of priority. I also have identities in my congregation: member, former president,...
  • Youth at UU Fellowship at Stony Brook Assist Flint, Michigan Youth

    " I am but a drop of water. Alone, I would disappear. Dried up by the scorching sun or sucked up by the dry, thirsty earth.  But together, we can wear out stones, carve out the Grand Canyon, make streams and rivers, and find our way to the sea." ~ Kok -Heong McNaughton...
    By UU Fellowship at Stony Brook, East Setauket, NY | 3/22/2016
  • Stewardship for Us: What About the Children?

    How Do Children and Youth Fit in Our Stewardship Culture? Bill Clontz, Stewardship Consultant Not long ago, a couple of members of the Stewardship for Us team met with a senior Unitarian Universalist leader to discuss the state of stewardship within our movement. We...
  • Video Tips for Pledge Celebration from StewardshipforUs

    by Mark Ewert, StewardshipforUs Why aren’t there more good annual drive videos from our congregations? I search around the web regularly for appealing congregational stewardship videos – ones that I can use as examples for other congregations. And they are very rare indeed....
  • UU Promotional Toolkit Beta-Testing

    Unitarian Universalists (UU) are doing wonderful, life-changing ministry in their congregations and faith communities. But is the good word getting out? The Promotional Toolkit will help UU congregations and groups reach new audiences with tools and tips for promoting outreach...
  • The Future of Standing on the Side of Love

    The Standing on the Side of Love Campaign is asking for your help: In 2009, Standing on the Side of Love was launched with the goal of harnessing love’s power to challenge exclusion, oppression, and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status,...
  • Opportunities For Connection-March 2016

    Featured Resource: The New CER Website The Central East Region is pleased to announce our new website hosted by the UUA. Here you can find your congregation's primary contact, read the latest news for the region and our congregations, look at the list of clusters and find...
  • UU Congregation Marks $10,000 in Giving

    Members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Northern Chautauqua (UUCNC) celebrated a milestone in giving in mid-February, when they gave their Sunday offering to the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry.  Since 2009, when UUCNC started sharing one Sunday’s offering...
  • Shall We Gather Together? - Stewardship Blog

    Reflections on the Power and Potential of Cluster Workshops Bill Clontz, Stewardship Consultant  I recently had the privilege of working with the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations cluster (NTUUC) in an all day Stewardship Workshop, well hosted by the...
    By William Clontz | 2/16/2016
  • Opportunities for Connection-February 2016

    Featured Resource: New Young Adult Programs The UUA has announced TWO new programs for young adults in our faith. For UU emerging adults (age 18-24) there is Meaning Makers, a yearlong spiritual development program including retreats, virtual monthly small group ministry...
  • Towanda Universalist Celebrates 150 Years

    On Sunday, January 10, the Towanda Universalist Unitarian Fellowship (TUUF) celebrated their 150th anniversary. The choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens and Sheshequin sang as special guests of the Towanda Universalist Unitarian Church in honor of the TUUF...
  • New Jersey Congregations, Clergy, BLM Activists Organize for MLK

    The local papers featured an article about the events on Martin Luther King day organized by the New Jersey Clergy Coalition for Justice and others including UU churches and Black Lives Matter activists.  
  • Opportunities for Connection, January 2016

    Featured Resource: UU Leadership Institute The Unitarian Universalist (UU) Leadership Institute is offering several Spring 2016 courses for only $30 per course per semester. Along with Healthy Leadership 101 (recommended for all leaders) we are offering: Membership...
  • Joseph Priestley District Accepting Award Nominations

    Unitarian Universalists are invited to nominate youth, young adults, and Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregation members of all ages for recognition awards given by the Joseph Priestley District (JPD). The JPD Awards Committee looks forward to receiving your nomination and to...
  • Opportunities for Connection, December 2015

    Featured Resource: Worship Web If your worship team is struggling to find readings and other worship materials, we recommend you visit the WorshipWeb pages of the UUA website. This site is filled with readings, stories, chalice lightings and more from a variety of sources on...
  • Open Letter on the Black Lives Matter Movement

    Over the last few months, many Unitarian Universalist congregations have taken the bold, public step of showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matters movement. Sometimes this has been through placing a Black Lives Matter banner in a public space on their congregational grounds...
    By David Pyle | 9/27/2015
  • General Assembly Coming to Columbus, OH in 2016

    This year's General Assembly on June 22-26, 2016 will be held at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. Workshop Proposals are now being accepted htrough November 2 at 3 pm. The GA Planning Committee is now accepting proposals for GA workshops for 2016. You are...
  • UUA Announces 2015-16 Common Read

    Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption is the UUA’s 2015-16 Common Read.  Author Bryan Stevenson advocates for those trapped by the U.S. criminal justice system—poor people, people of color, children, and women. The book speaks to justice, mercy, and compassion,...
  • Queens Congregation Suffers Damage from Fire

    During the storms that swept through New Jersey and New York last Tuesday, the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church of Flushing, in Queens, NY was struck by lightening which resulted in a roof fire. The fire was contained to the roof of the church and was out within 30 minutes. No...
  • Central East Region Hires New Staff

    Rev. Scott Tayler and Rev. Joan VanBecelaere are very please to announce the addition of three new staff to the Central East Region Congregational Life Team as well as several other additions to other regions. Raziq Brown, Rev. Megan Foley and Rev. Hope Johnson will join the...
  • Important Information about Interim Minister Searches This Year

    We are in an unprecedented situation with regards to the interim ministerial search this year, one that has not occurred in the recent history of Unitarian Universalism.  In the broadest description, the issue is that there are significantly more congregations this year...
  • Southold Congregation Loses Building to Fire

    It is with great sadness we share that the Southold congregation lost their building to fire last night. The investigation continues, but it early reports show that it appears it was electrical in nature. In response, a fund to assist the congregation in their recovery has...
  • Rev. Susan Karlson Named a Green Fellow with Green Faith for 2015

    Rev. Susan Karlson Begins GreenFaith Fellowship National Initiative Training Diverse Religious-Environmental Leaders Today, GreenFaith announced that the Rev. Susan Karlson will join the Fellowship Class of 2015. Susan is a Unitarian Universalist community minister,...
  • Joseph Priestley District Hires New District Executive

    The Joseph Priestley District (JPD) Board and the UUA Office of Congregational Life are very pleased to announce the appointment of Reverend David Pyle as our new JPD District Executive. Rev. Pyle is highly effective in the realms of leadership development, program...


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