Change is Coming

By Amy Kent

Amy Kent

Change is the only constant in life was first said by Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. And boy was he on to something there! Since I started my journey with the UUA as the Central East Region’s Event Coordinator in January 2018, we have gone to several in-person events each month to a few in person events each year! In the Spring of 2020, I had to pivot my role as event coordinator from ordering food, setting up locations, printing name badges to running Zoom meetings, setting up Mentimeters and Jamboards and putting people in the right breakout spaces. In some ways it was great that as an organization we were able to do so much online, congregations held services and UUA staff increased webinars and online trainings. Many more people were able to experience our material with out having to leave their house. I focused on learning new software and being as helpful as I could to program staff. However, as in-person events were slowly returning they were now multi-platform and that was a whole other bunch of skills to learn. GA (General Assembly) and CERSI (Central East Region Summer Institute) were good examples of how that can work going forward. I don’t think we are going back at all.

During these past 4.5 years, my personal life has experienced major changes as well. My daughter graduated High School, moved to college and life was fun as empty nesters. Then my husband passed away suddenly in 2019. My daughter moved home for the lock down in March 2020 and moved back to school as soon as she could. I have seen her graduate college, get a job and prepare to start a master’s program, all about 90 minutes away. Change is constant.

Now what does all this have to do with anything, you might be wondering? Well, it is with much excitement I announce to you that I am leaving the Central East Region to be the Executive Administrator for Congregational Life of the UUA. I will be working with Heather Bond as she transitions to a new part-time position and supporting Jessica York, Director of Congregational Life. CERSI will still be in my portfolio so I will continue to support Summer Institute and Rev. Sunshine Wolfe’s role with CERSI. I will still live in Pittsburgh and work from home, but I will be traveling more to support Congregational Life staff and our UU Congregants. I have loved working with the Central East Region and will miss everyone on staff but I am not going far! I will keep in touch with the CER Meerkats, for sure. That is a constant that is not going to change.

Congregational Life is hiring a new event coordinator to replace Amy (not that she could ever be replaced!) and other event coordinators who are retiring. If you are interested, the positions are posted on the UUA Job Openings and Career Opportunties Page.

About the Author

Amy Kent

Amy lives in the City of Champions, Pittsburgh, PA with her daughter and dog. She has been a member of the UU Church of the South Hills (Sunnyhill) for twenty years. Amy most recently was working in workforce development – helping people with barriers receive free training that would lead to jobs...

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