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Rev. Cheryl Walker congratulates Rev. Natalie Fenimore at the 2016 Service of the Living Tradition.

Careers and Callings in Unitarian Universalism

Military Ministry

Guidelines for UU Congregations for Ministers Serving in the US Military Reserves or Guard (PDF)

Military ministry is one way that we “show up” as Unitarian Universalist ministers called to serve the greater world.  The following recommendations are made to help support those called to this form of military ministry in a Reserve or Guard capacity, while also serving a UU congregation or institution.

There can be great benefits for ministers serving as military chaplains, as well as for the congregations/institutions in which they serve. For smaller congregations, hiring or calling a Reservist or Guard member may allow them to have “more ministry” than they would ordinarily be able to afford; for institutions other than congregations, this can provide them with a minister who is connected more deeply with the needs and dreams of young adults, thereby increasing the “beyond” nature of the institution’s outreach. The UU Ministers Association also benefits from having ministers engaged in reserve and guard duty, as it provides education and experience within a multicultural context, and spreads our message beyond congregational walls.  Our military chaplains also help Unitarian Universalism engage more deeply with military service members, their families as well as Veterans. 

The provisions of USERRA, the law that protects the employment of reservists and guard members, does not apply to religious organizations. However, the UUA and UU Ministers Association believe it is important to offer similar protections and support to our UU ministers who serve our nation in this important way. 

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Job Openings

Interested in working for Unitarian Universalism or finding and supporting religious professionals? Your search begins here.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Human Resources is responsible for benefits administration, compensation, employee relations, employment and equal employment opportunity, performance management, policies and procedures, and training and professional development for the UUA's national staff.

Professionals in Ministries and Faith Development

The UUA serves Unitarian Universalism by creating healthy, transformative, multigenerational, and diverse ministries and religious education.

The Professional Development and Support page includes a philosophy of staff development, general resources for developing staff and teams, and links to additional resources for specific professional areas. 

Benefits and Compensation

Visit our Benefits and Compensation page for information regarding benefit plans for congregational employees (including retirement, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance) or salary and compensation guidelines for ministers and other religious professionals.

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