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ministers crossing the stage at the 2016 Service of the Living Tradition

Rev. Cheryl Walker congratulates Rev. Natalie Fenimore at the 2016 Service of the Living Tradition.

Careers and Callings in Unitarian Universalism

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History of UUA Task Forces (2000-2016) on Misconduct and Sexual Health, and Institutional Response a Collegial Letter in Response to the 2016 Berry Street Lecture at the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association Ministry Days, Columbus, OH

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Report on the Economic Sustainability of Ministries Summit convened in St. Louis MO, June 3-5, 2015. 

Job Openings

Interested in working for Unitarian Universalism or finding and supporting religious professionals? Your search begins here.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Human Resources is responsible for benefits administration, compensation, employee relations, employment and equal employment opportunity, performance management, policies and procedures, and training and professional development for the UUA's national staff.

Professionals in Ministries and Faith Development

The UUA serves Unitarian Universalism by creating healthy, transformative, multigenerational, and diverse ministries and religious education.

The Professional Development and Support page includes a philosophy of staff development, general resources for developing staff and teams, and links to additional resources for specific professional areas. 

Benefits and Compensation

Visit our Benefits and Compensation page for information regarding benefit plans for congregational employees (including retirement, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance) or salary and compensation guidelines for ministers and other religious professionals.

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