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Resources to help adults live a spiritually-rich life grounded in values.

Adults are highly motivated to explore and navigate the joys, sorrows, opportunities, and challenges of our lives. Sometimes you find religious growth through deliberate engagement with programs, practices, readings, and small group discussions. Sometimes you grow in spirit through your life experiences: relationships, making a living, raising children, confronting injustice in the world, and facing illness, loss, or grief.


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Many adults seek spiritual experiences and practices that will ground and center them in their day-to-day lives.  All spiritual seekers are welcome!

Bodies: Sexuality, Health, and Loss

Mealtime at RLLS

We are embodied beings. Many of life's richest spiritual and religious experiences are connected with our bodies: health, sexuality, eating, growing and aging, dying and grief.

Relationships and Parenting

Cathy and Heather Rion Starr hold their baby, who is holding a white rose

We are fundamentally relational beings. Two of our most important and most challenging relationships are being part of a committed partnership and being a parent or caregiver for a young person.

Money: Meaning, Values, and Life

two ushers put the special collection in tote bags during 2013 GA plenary

A spiritually healthy relationship with money is a cornerstone of living well. Here is inspiration to help you speak openly about the financial aspects of your life with trusted others, as you seek to align your financial life with your values.

Being a Unitarian Universalist

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Whether you have been a Unitarian Universalist for many years or are new to the faith, chances are that you are curious about our tradition's history and theology.

Adult Programs in Congregations

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Both lay leaders and religious professionals are involved in designing, planning, supporting, evaluating, and overseeing adult faith development programs in congregations. Here's help!

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