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Guidance on Youth Safety Online

During the COVID-19 pandemic our congregational, regional and national youth programs are being quickly shifted to on-line spaces. This is important and life-giving. And we still want to make sure our youth are safe. Here are the guidelines we are using for UUA sponsored youth events, which are also helpful for congregations planning on line youth programming to adapt for their use.

All UUA adult volunteer and staff interaction with youth online must adhere to our current Social Media and Electronic Communication policy, our Photo Permission and Social Media policy still applies, adults must adhere to the Adult Code of Conduct, and youth and adult leaders must adhere to Adult and Youth Leaders Code of Ethics

Here is the current guidance from UUA staff.

In This Section

  • The following are some things UUA staff have considered when evaluating platforms. However, no platform is an ideal solution that meets all requirements.
  • Parents/guardians are primarily responsible for supervising their children and youth’s participation in multigenerational/all ages spaces. This responsibility should be clearly communicated to parents.
  • General guidance on pre-registration, verification, preparation, staffing and leading for online programs with youth.
  • Guidelines for larger virtual youth events such as large youth cons, large youth webinars, and online camps.
  • Rules and policies for online UUA programs including participant rules/expectations, sample covenant, minimum adult ratios, and adult ethics.
  • Guidance on specific platforms for online youth programs.
  • In youth events, it’s important to set up communication processes that (1) avoid adults interacting one-on-one with youth; and (2) avoid making youth contact information public.

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