We Remember and We Pray for Peace

Each week we bring our joys and sorrows to this community, that our sorrows may be carried with the support of others and our joys may be magnified. On this Sunday before Memorial Day, there is one great sorrow that we collectively share: the sorrow of those individuals in the armed services who lost their lives in war.
Today we remember them and grieve their loss.

A man in US Navy dress whites stands on the grass in a military cemetery looking at the headstones

We remember those who joined the armed services by choice, and those who had no choice.
We remember those who fought in wars with just cause, and those that had no just cause.
We remember those who sacrificed their lives for wars they believed in, and those who sacrificed their lives for wars they did not.
We remember those who have gone missing and were never found.
We remember those civilians who have died as collateral damage in wars.
We remember the loved ones those lost have left behind.
We pray for world leaders, that they make wise choices that prevent wars.
We pray for those around the world who are currently suffering the ravages of war.
We pray for the peacemakers who strive for the end to many conflicts around the world.
We remember…
We remember…
And we pray for peace.