The Tender Mercies of Our Lives

Spirit of compassion, source of life, God of many names 
We gather today in gratitude for our many blessings, 
for being in community, for the tender mercies of our lives.

A delicate pink flower on a white background, with a prism of light reflecting underneath

We also ache with grief, concern, and anger 
about the terrible violence in the world and the human capacity to inflict harm on one another. 
We seek solace in our seeming powerlessness.
We hold in our embrace those hiding in shelters and mourning the deaths of loved ones; the tattered fabric of their lives.

We pray for those with power to create peace, that they may recognize the fragile and valuable humanity of those across from them and see how we are all one.

Holy Spirit of mercy, may all who seek comfort and safety find themselves in a place with no fear or hatred, and may all who suffer in pain or in anger be held in gentle loving care to ease and heal their wounds.

As we seek to build the beloved community, may we ever be guided by our faith in the ability of love to conquer injustice, and in our ability to love beyond belief.

May it be so.