God Runs Late for Church

Today God is running late, trying to find their seat
Scanning the room for someone they know
Or someone they don’t
God’s feeling evangelical, but not in a judgy way
Mysterious, but not manipulative
God can’t stop thinking about the James Webb telescope
And the possibility that time is not linear
Which God might have guessed
From the never-ending urgency of some upcoming election
And the likelihood that sometime next week Halloween candy
Will show up in the grocery store.
God is tired.
Tired of grief, and white supremacy,
And the warming of the oceans
Not to mention they usually come to the later service
And it’s hot. Why hasn’t the (Climate Friendly)
Air conditioning been installed yet? God wonders.
And of course we’re all like - No kidding
God, can’t you do something about that?
But God’s hearing aid batteries ran out and
They haven’t had time to order more
Or, that’s what they say when asked
And can hear the question, but really
That last emergency room visit maxed
Their credit cards, and their partner’s been
Working Door Dash for some extra cash,
But it’s just not enough, and really
God just wants to BE PRESENT

From the back, a Black woman wearing a hat and a small Black child are seated in a church pew.

We got you, God, we say.
We’ll settle in, and we’ll be present, and we’ll sing.
We’ll tell stories, and breathe deep
We’ll remember ourselves, and offer whole
Galaxies of gratitude for all this beauty
For still-blooming salvia, and full apple trees
Zucchini bread and the US women’s soccer team,
For protest letters and
Entire villages of people saying
You are safe here
Your creation is not yet done
Creating you.
Come, let us worship, together.

Rev. Gretchen Haley, who wrote this call to worship for a service about process theology, invites you to change words and phrases to fit the time of year, and to fit your community: "whatever annoying thing is on your folks' minds," she says.