Seeking Truths for Transformation

The Commission on Institutional Change requests personal accounts and stories about how racism has affected individuals and groups within Unitarian Universalism at the personal, institutional, or systemic levels. It is seeking to document incidents that occurred between individual Unitarian Universalists, within a congregational or Associational setting, or as a result of white-centeredness embedded within the greater Unitarian Universalist culture.

To participate in one of the commission's focus groups, have the commission conduct a focus group with your caucus, or participate in a one-on-one interview please visit

Deepening Spiritually

The Commission on Institutional Change calls us into the spiritual practice of listening. Have a conversation with someone within your community, take turns sharing your thoughts to the following questions, listening deeply without interruption.

What prevents you from speaking your truth? How does a culture of conflict avoidance stifle a free and responsible search for truth and meaning? What stories have we held up, and what stories do we attempt to erase in our community?