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  • Sunday, July 6, 2025, 1:00 pm - Saturday, July 12, 2025, 12:00 pm EDT

    Summer Institute welcomes Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford as the theme speaker for this annual gathering.

    Conference | From Central East Region
    Tagged as: Building Community
  • BLUU Executive Director Lena K Gardner shares insight on the effort, which broke ground in May, and explains how this affordable housing approach reflects UU values.

    By Staff Writer | June 11, 2024 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Anti-Oppression, Building Community, Community, Equity, Home, Rights, Service, Teamwork, Transformation, UU Beliefs, Vision, Anti-Racism, Economic Justice, BIPOC Experiences, Indigenous Rights, News, Social Justice
  • Summer isn't far away and with that brings thoughts of time together at camps or conferences, gathering with other UUs. While summer camp may be more associated with youth and children, many of our camps, conferences and institutes also plan for adults to join in the fun.

    By Central East Region of the UUA | April 29, 2024 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: Building Community, Multigenerational Faith Development, Family Programs
  • In an ever-changing world, our congregations need to be innovative with grounding in the needs of today and of the future. How do we remain relevant to the needs of changing times and changing generations?...

    By Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe | April 21, 2024 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: Building Community, Children's Faith Development, Membership in Congregations
  • First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Concord, Massachusetts, is hosting its second-ever Democracy Festival in June. Learn more about the effort.

    By Elaine McArdle | April 5, 2024 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Activism, Building Community, Democracy, Human Rights, Voting Rights, News, Social Justice
  • When I meet with congregational leaders, as we talk about the challenges the congregation is facing, and resources or trainings they might need, at some point I usually ask the question, Where are you finding unexpected joy in your congregation this year?

    By Beth Casebolt | April 8, 2024 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: Building Community
  • To minimize isolation among older Americans, First Unitarian Church of Dallas is providing pastoral care, creating community, and putting a special focus on elder members.

    By Elaine McArdle | April 1, 2024 | From Life
    Tagged as: Aging, America, Building Community, Community, Dignity, Diversity, Friendship, Interdependence, Ministry, Older Adult Faith Development, Pastoral Care, Relationships, Congregational Transformation
  • Have you thought about attending CERSI (Central East Region Summer Institute)? Registration is open!

    By Central East Region Summer Institute | March 4, 2024 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: Building Community, Faith Development
  • It got me thinking. What if we just went into all meetings assuming a toddler would be present?

    By Lenore Bajare-Dukes | February 26, 2024 | From Better Together
    Tagged as: Building Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development
  • Here's what to know about the annual celebration that offers spiritual nourishment, political grounding and more.

    January 17, 2024 | From UU World
    Tagged as: Building Community, Justice, Nourishing the Spirit, UU Beliefs, News, Social Justice